Living With My Stalker

Channel 4 documentary series. When busy trainee Doctor Alison Hewitt joined an exclusive dating agency in 2010, she had no idea that her actions would set in motion a terrifying chain of events that would in effect lead to a death sentence for her and her family.

Immortal Egypt with Joann Fletcher

A BBC 2 series exploring how the Pyramid Age ended in catastrophe.

In this episode titled ‘Chaos’, Joann Fletcher explains how Ancient Egypt’s extraordinary story fits together, from nomads to pyramid builders, from tomb robbers to the last of the Pharaohs.

Nissan Blade Glider

Teaser sequence for coming main promo film for the Nissan electric racer called the Blade Glider

The Voice Australia

Contestants compete in a singing competition that focuses on the quality of their voice.


Software: AFX / Premier
Titles for the movie Broken

Surgeons – At The Edge of Life

Documentary series going beyond the theatre doors of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, where surgeons push medical boundaries to the limits. Episode 2. Produced by Dragonfly