Marble Universe – LUSH Cosmetics

An infinitely looping video created for the launch of LUSH’s new range of ‘Naked’ (packaging free) products to express their barrier-free fluidity .
This main video was displayed at the LUSH Creative Showcase in September, and online. Other parts of this project included print artwork for their Oxford St. flagship store, and more images & loops for social media.

Photogrammetry and Chemistry by George Joannides

Neutrogena Online Campaign

A variety of social media content featuring 5 different influencers. Plus youtube pre-roll and instagram ads. Instagram views currently standing at 1.5 million.

Life Story: Bonobo – BBC Worldwide

1 of 6 films made to support the Life Story release. The BBC were so pleased with the films they decided to include them on the DVD release. I was Edit Director and Editor.

Swedish Steel Prize

Main titles for the annual Swedish Steel Prize event arranged by SSAB. It explores the unexpected journey of an idea, starting out as a metaphorical bead of sweat then going through various iterations and gradual refinement, until finally solidifying into the Swedish Steel Prize trophy.

Video services provided by Vidéa Film AB
Sound Design & Music by Ola W. Tappert

Destination Abu Dhabi: Couple Film – CNN

1 of 3 films made for Abu Dhabi Tourism. Designed to promote Abu Dhabi as a holiday destination. We had 2 units, plus VR unit, shooting over the course of 2 weeks in Abu Dhabi.

Canon Ranch Living

A commercial film about an extraordinary development on the Aegean coast of Turkey.