A Home for Mirela

A follow up to Colin’s 2011 documentary “Mirela: The Lost Orphan”.

80s Season – PictureBox Films

For this trailer I mixed about 5 tracks of music together with sound effects, selected the clips from each film and directed the graphic designer to make sure the piece would have a nice rhythm and flow.

Kimathi Donkor – The Arts Council Venice Biennale

One of a series of films about artists that form the Diaspora Pavilion exhibition curated by David A. Bailey and Jessica Taylorat at the Palazzo Pisani S. Marina during the 57th Venice Biennale. The film project was in conjunction with the International Curators Forum (ICF) and University of the Arts London (UAL).

Random Acts – Channel 4

In Tom Dale’s A Cage For Voices, the ocean seeks meaning in a series of objects that fall through the water from the surface above. Shot in Izmir, the main departure point for Syrian refugees heading to the Greek Islands, Tom Dale’s film balances words, images and sound design in order to make a film that was immediately digestible.  Tom explores ideas around the preposterous and absurd, using sculptures and film to make explicit the inherent contradictions of the grand gestures of culture and society.

Living With My Stalker

Channel 4 documentary series. When busy trainee Doctor Alison Hewitt joined an exclusive dating agency in 2010, she had no idea that her actions would set in motion a terrifying chain of events that would in effect lead to a death sentence for her and her family.

Bizarre Foods – FreemantleMedia

For this promo I chose the music and viewed 4 episodes of the programme to select the clips. I edited the music and promo and then went to an audio studio to oversee the sound mix and direct the voice over artist.

Proudly Peckham

A short film for Crest Nicholson about Wood’s Road in Peckham. Highlighting the area and what it has to offer.

BEN – Tiramisu

The aim of this project was to try and encapsulate the feelings involved in doing any hike. It was also interesting to use the aspect ratio of the video as another story telling technique: As the climber continues into the more extreme aspects of his assent, the field of view is slowly opened to reveal the beautiful landscape.

Football Behind Bars

In this groundbreaking series, legendary footballer Ian Wright sets up a Football Academy in one of the country’s most notorious Young Offenders Institutions, Portland YOI in Dorset.

Personal Project

Personal project that got featured on Behance. Done with Cinema 4D, Arnold and After Effects. Everything modeled and textured by me.