Method UK Presents Drag Cleans

Phillip edited this project including many other pieces for the #DragCleans Campaign in conjunction with the eco-friendly cleaning products brand Method UK that will feature on their social media and OOH.

Drag Cleans is part of a year-long campaign supporting the LGBT foundation, aiming to challenge stereotypes and create a more inclusive, expressive and diverse society.


Following key members of Team Refugee of the 2016 Summer Olympics we see the thoughts and emotions of these astounding athletes and the greater issues of the world today. Hundreds of hours of archive footage combined with on location interviews and filming bring to life the challenges facing the globe on displaced peoples. Managing archive footage of different formats, frame rates and codecs as well as Arri camera footage, transitioning into online and delivery for online platforms

Faith Matters

A short animated film commissioned by Faith Matters to raise awareness of the recent rise in hate crimes in Poland and to promote their hate crime helpline Tellmama.