Argentina Tourism Chef – CNN

A branded content piece for Argentina Tourism. We travelled with a sommelier across Argentina, filming and photographing as she wrote. We had a local fixer that completed our small crew of 4 comprising DP, PD and PM, back in London. We made two films, wrote 3 articles and took almost 1000 photographs, as well as BTS footage and PTC’s for social media.

Colours Through Speed

This film was commissioned by Jaguar in partnership with Cancer Research. Jaguar had made a large sculpture of a double helix that they then painted with Jaguar colours. The object was then auctioned to raise money for Cancer Research and this film was made to accompany the sculpture at the auction to give a background to the design process, as told by Chief designer at Jaguar Sir Ian Callum. Mark really enjoyed this project, he edited the interview and picture.

Renault Kadjar

Content film for the launch of Renault’s new car, the Kadjar.


Created for social media; Directing : Mo-cap : Colour Grading : Character Design Animation

Pillow Bag

Directed by Nigel Shafran for Loewe Madrid. Ben edited a series of five different short films for Loewe with Nigel Shafran.

Rimowa F13

Paul animated and did the composition work on this piece.

The Magic of an Audiobook

With the growing popularity of Audiobooks, Penguin Random House (PRH) wanted to showcase the quality of the craft and effort that goes into make an audiobook. The brief was to give the viewer an inside look ‘behind the curtain’ and showcase the production process.

Shown at the annual conference showcasing the departments achievements the video was received so well it was marked as the highlight of the conference by the CEO of PRH.