Amazon – Branding
Working in-house within Amazon’s internal marketing team, Adam designed and realised campaigns across the online retailers vast eco-system of; Music, Film, TV, Sports and of course, product promotion.

Nathalie McGloin

This was a wonderful film to be a part of. It achieved a huge number of interactions on social media, as Nathalie’s inspiring story touched many people similarly affected with a disability. Mark was fortunate to have the rare opportunity to attend the interview, giving him a head start on the edit. Together with the Director he built the story you see in the film. Mark also chose the music and edited it in sympathy with the story.

Hackett Polo

A branded film showcasing new sportswear from Hackett during a sponsored polo match.

Orange & Bergamot – Molton Brown

Promoting the launch of their new fragrance, this film intended to capture the luscious spirit of Seville in a beautiful, striking and modern way.

CNBC – Marketing Media Money

Dunkin’ has a team dedicated to coming up with new ideas that can be replicated across all its stores, from donuts to savories, to a new espresso that’s helped boost sales.