Conceived and created for a French relocation company to use at their events and online to explain what they do. With only their logo and simple pamphlet as a resource, the animated graphics I created reflect the ‘personal touch’ in the service that they offer.

The Whales of São Tomé

2D animated inserts for a documentary created from four watercolour illustrations of whales. The motion of the creatures had to give the feeling of movement through the water. They were then composited with underwater backgrounds.

The Margherita Hut – The Financial Times

A Financial Times look at the the ultimate escape: a pilgrimage to Europe’s highest hotel. Italy’s Capanna Margherita sits among the clouds almost three vertical miles above sea level – but has a bar, restaurant, beds for 70 and even a small library. 

Perkbox – Team Happiness, Delivered

Perkbox gives people access to a range of benefits that inspire them to perform better and stick around for longer. All easily accessible anytime, anywhere. The average person spends a third of their time at work. Perkbox is a company with a suite of products dedicated to enhancing employee experiences. From their founders to new recruits, more times than not, Perkboxers migrated from companies that didn’t quite grasp the importance of a positive employee experience.

Mace Lima: Pan American and Parapan American Games

Showing how the Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American brought together top-class athletes from across the Americas. Documenting the challenges and huge construction needs of the site. The Games were the second largest multi-discipline sporting event in the world, leaving a lasting legacy for the people who live there.