Storm City 3D

Storm City is centered on an ultimate man versus nature experiment. Using advanced engineering technology and science, a team of experts set out to recreate the impact of natural forces to investigate what the effects are.

Presenter Ben Fogle is subjected to simulated storms, flash floods and even tsunamis. We explore the science behind these forces of nature and their consequent devastation.

(Aired on Sky Atlantic)

The British

This is the story of Britain’s journey from Stonehenge through invasion and conquest to become an undisputed superpower in the 19th Century and a defender of freedom in the modern world.
Narrated by Ioan Gruffudd, and told through the eyes of the people involved, it is the story of how this small group of islands came to forge a nation, dominate the globe, and invent the modern world.

(Aired on Sky Atlantic)

The Visit – Arte

This documentary was made with learning-disabled artists and actors from Mind the Gap company (Bradford – Yorkshire).
It was directed by photograph artist Denis Darazcq and set in the Louvre Museum (Paris).

Lockerbie: The Unheard Voices – Channel 5

The stories of six victims and six survivors are told, including the man who got drunk at Heathrow and missed the flight, the mother and daughter who flipped a coin to decide who would travel, and the father taking his young family on holiday.

West meets East

Actor Dominic West travels to India with good friend and world renowned Hindu scholar Jim Mallinson to participate in the Kumbh Mela, a sacred ritual and also the biggest gathering of people on the planet.

Come on Eileen

Award-winning Doc on cyclist Eileen Sheridan.
(Best Short Doc CPFF 2014, Best Cycling Film SHAFF 2014)