A Home for Mirela

A follow up to Colin’s 2011 documentary “Mirela: The Lost Orphan”.

160 Characters

A short mixed media documentary about an archive of text messages found on an old Nokia phone.

Colour grade – RenewEL

A short documentary promo about RenewEL, an organisation that gives homeless people the opportunity to work and create bespoke furniture from reclaimed wood. 

Off The Grid

Why has Dave chosen to live on a cliff and how does he survive?

Reinvented Toilet Campaign Film

Played to introduce Bill Gates at the Reinvented Toilet Expo in Beijing, this film highlights the current issues with sanitation, and aims to create a rally cry looking forward to the revolutionary improvements that are just around the corner.

Living With My Stalker

Channel 4 documentary series. When busy trainee Doctor Alison Hewitt joined an exclusive dating agency in 2010, she had no idea that her actions would set in motion a terrifying chain of events that would in effect lead to a death sentence for her and her family.

Immortal Egypt with Joann Fletcher

A BBC 2 series exploring how the Pyramid Age ended in catastrophe.

In this episode titled ‘Chaos’, Joann Fletcher explains how Ancient Egypt’s extraordinary story fits together, from nomads to pyramid builders, from tomb robbers to the last of the Pharaohs.