Billy Fury: The Sound of Fury – BBC

This new film recounts the story of Billy Fury and the birth of British popular music. Although it may have been inspired by Elvis and American R&B artists, Britain produced its own Rock and Roll heroes with the unique sound of Billy Fury, Marty Wilde, Cliff Richard, Joe Brown and many more great artists

Stepping Into the Screen

Virtual reality video gaming has been a dream of the industry for decades. And, after several false starts such as Nintendo’s Virtual Boy and the SEGA VR, in 2016 it’s finally happening, and in a big way.

Dinghy Derby

A promo for ‘Up the Creek – The Story of the Red Bull Dinghy Derby’, a 30 minute documentary for Red Bull (the full documentary is available on request).

Off The Grid

Why has Dave chosen to live on a cliff and how does he survive?

Reinvented Toilet Campaign Film

Played to introduce Bill Gates at the Reinvented Toilet Expo in Beijing, this film highlights the current issues with sanitation, and aims to create a rally cry looking forward to the revolutionary improvements that are just around the corner.


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn received the backing of dozens of Grime and Hip Hop artists in the recent UK elections. London-based rapper Awate met with other artists just weeks after the election, to ask their reasons for getting involved in mainstream politics this time round.

Global Pulse Music – BBC

Global pulse is a world news programme that takes viewers on tour. This episode explores the wonderful world of K-Pop featuring artists Norazo, WA$$UP and A-Prince.