Surgeons – At The Edge of Life

Documentary series going beyond the theatre doors of Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, where surgeons push medical boundaries to the limits. Episode 2. Produced by Dragonfly

A Deal with the Universe

A documentary film where the editing approach had to be very different to that of a feature film. The client provided references of several other films to give me an idea of the feel and vibe of the type of trailer they wanted.

Little Pyongyang

A tale of one North Korean’s struggle to leave behind the homeland, Joong-wha Choi, a former soldier in the DPRK, lives today with his wife and kids in a sleepy London suburb.  Despite enjoying the new found comforts of his British life, and being emancipated from the pressures of the North Korean state, his dilemma lies in a desire to return to the land that betrayed him, but is undoubtedly his true home. The film tracks his reflections on both why he left North Korea and the state of his day to day life over the course of several months, in what is ultimately a portrait of loss, longing, and the complexities of healing from trauma.