Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn received the backing of dozens of Grime and Hip Hop artists in the recent UK elections. London-based rapper Awate met with other artists just weeks after the election, to ask their reasons for getting involved in mainstream politics this time round.

Global Pulse Music – BBC

Global pulse is a world news programme that takes viewers on tour. This episode explores the wonderful world of K-Pop featuring artists Norazo, WA$$UP and A-Prince.

Fender Vintera Series: 60s Jazzmaster + Barrie Cadogan

Fender interviews British Indie Rock legend Barrie Cadogan as he gets his hands on the brand new Vintera 60s Stratocaster. With era-correct pickups, classic colours and other coveted features from the 50s, 60s and 70s, these instruments have all the sound and style of the decades that defined them. 

Bath City FC

Produced by Ken Loach this is a short promotional documentary about Bath City FC, it’s history and it’s future as a fan owned football club.

Ancient Mysteries: The Copper Scrolls

In a cave by the Dead Sea, a copper scroll treasure map from the time of Jesus was found, promising riches estimated to be worth billions by today’s standards. Half a century later, mystery still surrounds this ancient manuscript. Could these fragments of corroded metal really hold the clues to a massive buried fortune? If so, where did these vast treasures come from? Why were they buried? And are they still out there? Join the investigation as we reveal the secrets behind this very unique and valuable Dead Sea Scroll.

(Aired on Channel 5 and Smithsonian Channel)