Checkmate – Tiramisu

The edit for this project had pretty much been planned before Aaron started shooting. They had a lot of time to develop the idea, allowing them to meticulously shot-list every scene and they were lucky to have very little problems throughout the whole production.

BLISS – I Wanna Feel (ft. Fem Fel)

Software: After Effects (including Trapcode MIR, Element 3D)
Motion tracking and animated music lyric video for BLISS – I Wanna Feel (ft. Fem Fel)

Waiting For – Tiramisu

Again, there was quite a strong narrative that needed to be communicated in this video, which meant a long and meticulous edit. However luckily, Aaron feels the story came through nicely in the end!

The 1975

Edited The 1975 – It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)

Soulwax ‘Is It Always Binary’

Recorded live in London by Bullion Productions’ James Willis, the video for ‘Is It Always Binary’ is about as close as you can get to seeing Soulwax live without being in the same room.