Checkmate – Tiramisu

The edit for this project had pretty much been planned before Aaron started shooting. They had a lot of time to develop the idea, allowing them to meticulously shot-list every scene and they were lucky to have very little problems throughout the whole production.

BLISS – I Wanna Feel (ft. Fem Fel)

Software: After Effects (including Trapcode MIR, Element 3D)
Motion tracking and animated music lyric video for BLISS – I Wanna Feel (ft. Fem Fel)

Waiting For – Tiramisu

Again, there was quite a strong narrative that needed to be communicated in this video, which meant a long and meticulous edit. However luckily, Aaron feels the story came through nicely in the end!

Sister to a Brother

Music video for the track Sister to a Brother. The video has currently over 464,00 views on YouTube.