Oscar Radar 19

Video summarising all Oscars contender movies for 2019 way before the ‘Oscar buzz’ began. Divided onto best Picture, Actor/Actress.

A Year In Films

Sizzle video summarising the best movies premiered in the UK in 2016, emphasising those ending up being Oscar contenders.

Dendron vs Lamborghini

Using archive footage and a track from London electro outfit Higamos Hogamos I have created a sample of my short form commercial style editing.

BEN – Tiramisu

The aim of this project was to try and encapsulate the feelings involved in doing any hike. It was also interesting to use the aspect ratio of the video as another story telling technique: As the climber continues into the more extreme aspects of his assent, the field of view is slowly opened to reveal the beautiful landscape.


Visual effects shot using C4D dynamics, aerodynamics.

Off The Grid

Why has Dave chosen to live on a cliff and how does he survive?