Marble Universe – LUSH Cosmetics

An infinitely looping video created for the launch of LUSH’s new range of ‘Naked’ (packaging free) products to express their barrier-free fluidity .
This main video was displayed at the LUSH Creative Showcase in September, and online. Other parts of this project included print artwork for their Oxford St. flagship store, and more images & loops for social media.

Photogrammetry and Chemistry by George Joannides


This a Knorr Web Promo – edited, graded and sound mixed by Greg.

Little Planet – Visit Britain

Tom’s work = 1 min edit cut down done in Premiere to music provided – with an eye to captioning various buildings or locations in London. Comp work done in Nuke.

Tom’s contribution was creating a one minute edit of pre-stitched and patched footage. Then Stabilising shots, adding tracked in 3D text, adding lighting to the (pre-made) helmet patch on 360 footage. Then returning to Prem to generate the Little Planet version complete with animated zoom effect. Turn around time was 5 days and included 3 language versions.