Best Rescue, Recording or Interpretation: Adam Sutcliffe-Brown

Darren Andrews recently shot and edited a series of short films for the Historic England Angel Awards, which celebrate people working to preserve their local heritage. In this film, Adam Sutcliffe-Brown who is on the spectrum, has introduced autism-friendly resources, pre-visit videos, and tour modifications to make the Newmans Coffin Work’s Factory Tour accessible to people on the autistic spectrum.

Stationary Bike

The story revolves around Richard Sifkitz who after losing his wife is told by his doctor that he needs to start exercising or he will suffer severe health issues. So, decides to set up a stationary Bike in his basement to exercise. Richard imagines himself travelling across country however over time with his addiction to the bike so starts the nightmarish visions and the belief he is being followed by a mysterious figure.

TGD1 – Personal project

Short sequence from CGI animation “The Gondolier’s Dog”. Environment modelling and texturing, animation and compositing.


A short film about the street artist Cranio.

Proudly Peckham

A short film for Crest Nicholson about Wood’s Road in Peckham. Highlighting the area and what it has to offer.

Tip Toe

Short dance film Paul collaborated on with the Rambert Dance Company.

Rufus Wainwright

Four short documentaries (shown here as one film) filmed at BBC Maida Vale Studios of the recording of Rufus Wainwright’s debut opera ‘Prima Donna’.