Trailer for a short film WHITE, directed by David. WHITE is a black comedy about white privilege, which has been selected in over 50 festivals worldwide, including Brest European Film Festival (representing the UK in comedy) and the Boston Independent Film Festival.

Random Acts – Channel 4

In Tom Dale’s A Cage For Voices, the ocean seeks meaning in a series of objects that fall through the water from the surface above. Shot in Izmir, the main departure point for Syrian refugees heading to the Greek Islands, Tom Dale’s film balances words, images and sound design in order to make a film that was immediately digestible.  Tom explores ideas around the preposterous and absurd, using sculptures and film to make explicit the inherent contradictions of the grand gestures of culture and society.

160 Characters

A short mixed media documentary about an archive of text messages found on an old Nokia phone.

Outdoor Classroom Day

Cute film to demonstrate to teaching staff how to film children using their Smartphones.

Pizza Night

A ten-minute, one shot film (Drama-comedy), inspired by Tarantino’s 1995 “Four Rooms” and the more recent “Victoria” by Sebastian Schipper. Created by Right Moment Productions


Charlie was edit assistant for the short film ‘Chalk’, which is set in the early 1960′s, Annie is confronted with a traumatic past event when her elder sister Margaret is reintroduced to the family after spending two years in a psychiatric institution.

Best Rescue, Recording or Interpretation: Adam Sutcliffe-Brown

Darren Andrews recently shot and edited a series of short films for the Historic England Angel Awards, which celebrate people working to preserve their local heritage. In this film, Adam Sutcliffe-Brown who is on the spectrum, has introduced autism-friendly resources, pre-visit videos, and tour modifications to make the Newmans Coffin Work’s Factory Tour accessible to people on the autistic spectrum.

TGD1 – Personal project

Short sequence from CGI animation “The Gondolier’s Dog”. Environment modelling and texturing, animation and compositing.