Stationary Bike

The story revolves around Richard Sifkitz who after losing his wife is told by his doctor that he needs to start exercising or he will suffer severe health issues. So, decides to set up a stationary Bike in his basement to exercise. Richard imagines himself travelling across country however over time with his addiction to the bike so starts the nightmarish visions and the belief he is being followed by a mysterious figure.

The Night We Met

The film is a coming-of-age drama about the choice of an old man at a train station who reminisces about a night long past of his youth and the regret of never speaking to a girl at the annual school dance who may well be the love of his life. There at the station he meets a woman who has run away from her wedding. They meet and discuss in real time the consequences of regret and the memory.

Hertsmere Civic Awards 40th Anniversary Award

Film played to an audience of dignitaries on the evening of the Hertsmere Civic Awards at Elstree Studios. The film was designed to celebrate the achievements of Stuart Nagler who won the prestigious award.