Software: Cinema 4D / AFX
Title animation for the movie collide

One Mans Madness

Directed and animated title sequence for feature documentary about Lee Thompson, the madcap saxophonist in Madness.

Swedish Steel Prize

Main titles for the annual Swedish Steel Prize event arranged by SSAB. It explores the unexpected journey of an idea, starting out as a metaphorical bead of sweat then going through various iterations and gradual refinement, until finally solidifying into the Swedish Steel Prize trophy.

Video services provided by Vidéa Film AB
Sound Design & Music by Ola W. Tappert


I was commissioned to design and produce a new On-air package for an online financial news service, this included designing and modelling a new virtual newsroom.


Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza Rocks – Titles

A highly energetic and eye-catching title sequence, which Adam designed and created for MTV’s Ibiza Rocks TV show.

The Open – Sky Sports

The Open, the true Golf text against adversity. Highlighting the iconic moments in Open history, intercut with ‘The Jug’ being constructed from the elements.

Different For Girls – Jackdaw Productions

‘Different for Girls’ is a ground breaking, sexy LGTBQ drama web series set in West London written by Jacquie Lawrence, produced by Fizz Milton, directed by Campbell X and shot by Oona Menges. Jamie made the title sequence for this show that fit the style set out by the author Jacquie Lawrence and the Production Company. He made the assets in Illustrator and brought them in to Cinema 4D to animate in 3D. A series of 3D animations were made to create a series of mattes for which Jamie composited in After Effects. Combining the mattes with some live action footage and a bit of motion magic ending up in a cool, modern title sequence for a show that pushes boundaries.

Created using Cinema 4D & After Effects.

Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar – October Films

A compilation of some of the series graphics Jamie and a small team created for the History Channel 6 part series produced by October Films. He worked on creating various 3D maps ranging from globe wide to town wide to fit the style and theme of the show.

Created using Cinema 4D & After Effects.

Science Of Stupid – National Geographic

Jamie managed a small team in creating the series graphics over 3 seasons for this this show which has now totaled in over 150 unique 3D graphics. He developed and modelled the character originally designed in 2D to a fully rigged 3D character to use in each animation of which he animated many. Over the series the character has evolved to be more anatomically correct to better help the science while keeping his cartoon style. Jamie  consulted with a dedicated graphics post producer as well as series producer and scientists to make sure each animation was scientifically correct and fit its narrative purpose.

Created using Cinema 4D & After Effects.