Grand Illusions

A title sequence for the YouTube channel ‘Grand Illusions”. Presented by Tim Rowett, a 70 year old man, with a collection of over 25,00 toys!

UEFA Intro

Recreation of a UEFA programme intro for an in house event.

Swedish Steel Prize

3D animated title sequence for the annual Swedish Steel prize hosted by SSAB. Other parts of this project included artwork and still assets.


Alistair was asked by HellfireBeats to create a short intro video showing the services which he offers.
The MPC was what had started HellfireBeats 16 years ago and Alistair thought it would be appropriate to use that for the animation.

Falkner House – Title Sequence

The beginning of the documentary shows a pair of falcons as they emerge from the cityscape. Once the falcons have landed, a sketch of the entrance to the school is revealed before transitioning into the live action as the story commences.

Created using Cinema 4D and After Effects, I was asked to create the title sequence for the beginning and end of this documentary, showcasing Falkner House school.

Weekend Escapes with Warick Davis

Warwick Davis features in this six-episode ITV series, where he and his family travel around the UK, showing what a typically British holiday is like.

All the graphics seen within the show informing us of the location he is travelling to along with the main ident were created in Cinema 4D. The video is a selection of some of the sequences that can be seen in part of the series.

Top Gear

Top Gear sequence titles – Season 23.