Swedish Steel Prize

Main titles for the annual Swedish Steel Prize event arranged by SSAB. It explores the unexpected journey of an idea, starting out as a metaphorical bead of sweat then going through various iterations and gradual refinement, until finally solidifying into the Swedish Steel Prize trophy.

Video services provided by Vidéa Film AB
Sound Design & Music by Ola W. Tappert


I was commissioned to design and produce a new On-air package for an online financial news service, this included designing and modelling a new virtual newsroom.


Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza Rocks – Titles

A highly energetic and eye-catching title sequence, which Adam designed and created for MTV’s Ibiza Rocks TV show.

The Open – Sky Sports

The Open, the true Golf text against adversity. Highlighting the iconic moments in Open history, intercut with ‘The Jug’ being constructed from the elements.

Grand Illusions

A title sequence for the YouTube channel ‘Grand Illusions”. Presented by Tim Rowett, a 70 year old man, with a collection of over 25,00 toys!

Swedish Steel Prize

3D animated title sequence for the annual Swedish Steel prize hosted by SSAB. Other parts of this project included artwork and still assets.


Alistair was asked by HellfireBeats to create a short intro video showing the services which he offers.
The MPC was what had started HellfireBeats 16 years ago and Alistair thought it would be appropriate to use that for the animation.