Wicked City

A short trailer Harry edited for Wicked City for ABC Studios.

He was given 12 episodes to cut a short edit from and produce this dramatic trailer for the American TV show based on a pair of romantically-linked serial killers.


The trailer Matt edited for the feature film Lucid. This thriller is the first feature film for Adam Morse.

80s Season – PictureBox Films

For this trailer I mixed about 5 tracks of music together with sound effects, selected the clips from each film and directed the graphic designer to make sure the piece would have a nice rhythm and flow.

To the Surface

Teaser trailer for a short doc starring Mela Murder (The Florida Project), focused on women empowerment and single motherhood – online release for INDIEmag

The Conversation

90 second cut of a film-festival trailer for the film The Conversation – theatrical release.


Software: AFX / Premier
Titles for the movie Broken

Tempel – ZDF

Editing, VFX and Compositing done by Tom.

Pre-production – Discussed and advised on best practises to enable effective post-production.



This 4 part web series stars infamous neo cabaret artists Bourgeois & Maurice as they battle their audience, theatre management, an adult baby and a RuPaul’s Drag Race super fan in a desperate attempt to procure the life-preserving make-up that has kept them youthful for the two centuries since they first landed on Earth.

Ana Begins

Ben’s debut feature film. Starring Steve Huison (Full Monty) and Cosima Shaw. Ana Begins is a slow burn drama about grief and starting a new. In 2010 it toured the European festival circuit winning numerous awards and accolades. Winning ‘Best Actor’ at the London IndependentFilmFestival, ‘Best Actress at the British Independent Film Festival and nominated for ‘Best UK Debut Feature’ at London’s East End Film Festival.