Wicked City

A short trailer Harry edited for Wicked City for ABC Studios.

He was given 12 episodes to cut a short edit from and produce this dramatic trailer for the American TV show based on a pair of romantically-linked serial killers.


The trailer Matt edited for the feature film Lucid. This thriller is the first feature film for Adam Morse.

80s Season – PictureBox Films

For this trailer I mixed about 5 tracks of music together with sound effects, selected the clips from each film and directed the graphic designer to make sure the piece would have a nice rhythm and flow.

To the Surface

Teaser trailer for a short doc starring Mela Murder (The Florida Project), focused on women empowerment and single motherhood – online release for INDIEmag

The Conversation

90 second cut of a film-festival trailer for the film The Conversation – theatrical release.


Software: AFX / Premier
Titles for the movie Broken