Immortal Egypt with Joann Fletcher

A BBC 2 series exploring how the Pyramid Age ended in catastrophe.

In this episode titled ‘Chaos’, Joann Fletcher explains how Ancient Egypt’s extraordinary story fits together, from nomads to pyramid builders, from tomb robbers to the last of the Pharaohs.

UW How to stop a murder – C4

Unreported World- How to stop a murder. 8 mins selected.
Seyi Rhodes travels to America’s ‘murder capital’ Chicago to meet volunteer ex-gang members who are risking their lives to try to stop the cycle of revenge killings despite suffering major budget cuts.

Trailblazers – National Geographic

Jamie worked with a small team to create the series graphics for this popular National Geographic show.  He was tasked to manage the 3D visualisations of the navigation and to really capture visually the drama and tension that the show conveyed. Each zone featured a completely unique style that fit the theme of the scenery and also was different enough to be easily recognisable by the viewer.

Created using Cinema 4D & After Effects.

Ski Sunday VT – BBC

A VT for the BBC’s flagship Ski Sunday program, looking at Scotland’s first ski resort.

Killer Women with Piers Morgan

Killer Women with Piers Morgan – S2 Ep5 – 1×60’

Piers meets Sheila Davalloo who was convicted for two crimes, one for murder and the other for the attempted murder of her husband. She is serving 75 years in prison.

Executive Producer: Stuart Cabb
Series Producer: Kate Scholefield
Editor: Rohan Thomas

Dr. Jeff – Animal Planet

A snap-in I cut for Animal Planet’s No.1 show, ‘Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet’ (Kala).
I cut a number of these across a number of episodes, as well as sections of content.

UW Peru’s monkey business – C4

Unreported World – Peru’s monkey business. 6 mins selected.
Ade Adepitan goes undercover in Peru to reveal the shocking scale and the brazen nature of the illegal trade in protected wildlife in the Amazon jungle.

Access All Areas

Access All Areas – Episode 9: Belfast (Offline Editor)

Travelogue / obs doc featuring some of the world’s most dangerous places. Shot in UHD.

Our Family – BBC

BAFTA Children’s winning preschool documentary series following the lives of eight young children and their families.