23rd December

One of our favourite highlights this year was the one-to-one career workshops that Blueberry’s MD Irantzu Lauhingfan has been doing with the Grierson Trust’s Doc Lab Trainees (gathered in the photo below around Yen Yau, the Grierson Trust’s Outreach Programme Manager at last month’s Grierson Trust Awards ).

“It’s been really rewarding to spend time demistifying some of the questions and challenges people encounter during the early stages of their careers and having empowering conversations for their next steps. At Sheffield this year we saw Ryan from the 2016 alumni group, pitch and have his documentary idea commissioned by BBC North. It was a proud and super encouraging moment for the entire Grierson Doc Lab group – many of whom were there to provide support. I look forward to seeing more of the trainees’ journeys unfold and I’m also delighted to have been asked to take part again next year, which will be Blueberry’s third one supporting upcoming Documentary makers with the Grierson Trust.” – Irantzu Lauhingfan