Here are some of the solutions we deliver daily

Freelance talent

We take pride in making great recommendations, and particularly enjoy ‘hitting the nail on the head’.  Who isn’t thrilled when they get it right?

Sourcing from a diverse, high quality pool of creative talent, gives you the freedom and flexibility to adapt your creative team to your projects.  Pulling in and combining specific skills and talent how and when you need them.

Not ones for flighty encounters, many of our relationships with talent and clients have developed over several years.  In taking the time to get to know people on the journey, we respond to creative briefs with an accuracy that delights all sides.

And we always love a challenge.

Permanent recruitment

An invitation to recruit alongside you is serious business.

Hiring new people is an investment. From the moment the decision is made, each step costs time, energy and resources.   Our service is to assist you in investing successfully.  From attracting the best candidates, right through filtering, short listing, screening and interviewing.  We can get involved in measures that suit you, and help fulfil your immediate and long term business goals.


Fresh eyes and experience are just that.  They bring new insights into an edit, provide guidance, etc – describe this more eloquently.

Through the years we’ve become friends with some highly accomplished creatives.  And through our business we’re able to unite their skills and experience, with businesses producing astounding work.  Branding, editing, design, production.  We love connecting the dots, and if we don’t have somebody available in our immediate circles, we’re tenacious types and with a little digging and exploration, we’ll usually be able to connect you with just the right person…

Flexible solutions for collaboration

Our network brings together independent companies, to deliver creative solutions.  A number of our talent have spent years investing in top of the range kit and professional environments, from which they can work remotely on your projects.  In addition some are lucky enough to have the space and resources to host your key team.  Just need a quick reference point?  We have an extensive black book whom we’re happy to recommend.

Crossing geographical, cultural and linguistic divides.

Ultimately it’s down to connections and trust.

One thing is taking people abroad with you.  It’s another thing to go out of your regular stomping ground and be able to connect with know and trusted creative talent.

Our creative reach crosses cultural, linguistic and geographical borders.  Need an editor who speaks Cantonese?  Or a local self-shooter in Dubai?  Bring us your brief.  We have a thorough understanding of our global talent’s strengths, limitations and resources.

* Editing note – I don’t think this section really makes the point it’s trying to make.  “We have people from all cultures and languages.”  Needs reworking – and who is the cantonese editor?

Last minute and out of hours support.

We love being the calm in the eye of the storm, providing a level of support and connectivity that keeps the show rolling. If you’re stick at the last minute, get in touch and we’ll do our very best to provide you with a great solution.

Let's start with an editor, but roll with my needs please...One stop to bring together the entire post production team. Please!

Earthsync came to London to carry out post production on their first feature length musical documentary. The music and visuals, shot and recorded across South East Asia were exceptional and they sought to work with a team of editors who’d be able to weave and blend the elements into their best potential. We hooked them up with a talented trio in Notting Hill, along with full post production facilities to bring their baby to life. Blueberry also brought on motion graphic and packaging designers to produce the external assets and a DVD authorer and production team to take the project and complete it all the way through to a physical DVD. The film is timeless and has developed a loyal following, as well as won awards at XYZ.

“Quote from Sonya Mazumdar”

Let's produce a host of stunning promos to show in a global entertainment sales event

Each year the BBC take a host of projects to world television trade fair MIPCOM. And each year Blueberry brings together a pool of the finest short form editors to take part in what can only be described as a creative jamabalaya; a trinity of craft, pace and dynamism – little nuggets designed to sell big stuff!

“Quote from Charlie Henniker”