SPOTLIGHT: Rita Kaye – Editor

Who is Rita Kaye?

A middle-weight TV Editor who has worked on Entertainment, Factual and Sports programmes. Scripted Reality is my favourite genre, so I am hoping to get more opportunities in that field.

How did your career path develop?

In the early years of my career I worked as an agency copywriter and journalist. This I how I got into editing: I started editing videos to complement my articles. I am bilingual, so when I moved over to the UK, I got a job as an Assistant Editor straight away and then quickly worked my way up and became a TV Editor.

What projects are you the most proud of?

In December I had a chance to work on MTV and True North’s Teen Mom UK. Scripted reality is what I am the most interested in, so Teen Mom was a huge opportunity. The creative-intuitive style of the show is close to my artistic style, so I picked up the format very quickly. I really enjoyed editing an episode of Discovery and Pilot Productions’ Tough Trucks. I have always wanted to work on travel shows… spending the dark October days working with gorgeous footage of sunny Turkey was truly fantastic! Also, Nimble Dragon’s My Money Makeover for Channel 5 is a personal favourite because the show inspired me to do my own money makeover and I have saved a lot of money already! It’s great to work on programmes that make a difference to the quality of life of its viewers.

What do you consider your greatest achievements so far?

To have created a couple of truly powerful, energetic and engaging cuts. When people burst into tears I love that so much… it’s the ultimate compliment! Jesus girl, what is this?!! It’s heavy stuff… It’s good stuff… Now tone it down… It’s daytime telly (laughs)… I have a strong style and there’s nothing I enjoy or appreciate more than working under the wings of an experienced and inspiring Series Producer, who knows how to tame my stories and mould them into the format, but preserves the depth and the energy of my original cut.

Share your biggest lessons in life and work?

This industry is like a big extended family. Always be good to everyone on all levels and be fair because people remember and it pays off. I am very blessed to have worked on such wonderful shows. It has been great so far, but there are so many more mountains to climb. I’ve only just arrived in the top league.

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