Spotlight: Spencer Carpenter – Producer, Director, Editor, Motion Designer, and Colourist

Spencer is a media creative with a passion for storytelling and visual design. He has considerable experience in delivering creative concepts which utilise video production, post-production and animation. The skill sets he uses are so wide and varied that they keep him constantly engaged, when not spending time with his beloved family. His dedication to multi-disciplines since 1999 enables him to manage teams and offer clients an unrestricted array of creative possibilities for every task.

Road to success – Ups and Downs

My whole journey through video, film and animation production has been exciting, challenging and rewarding. My recent high point was being convinced by my client to enter my latest film in the Cannes Corporate film awards. The toughest moment was toward the end of my cycle at my full-time position in 2012 – I was giving everything I could to my work to the detriment of my family relationships. Facing a challenging financial situation, I felt I had no real choice but to risk the jump to freelance and own my own business – I’ve never looked back. I’ve now produced over 215 media projects for a huge variety of household names in many industries since I began freelancing in 2012.

Greatest achievements so far

In general, starting and maintaining a business with a long list of happy and returning clients. Navigating the reality of film and video production through a list of mistakes and lessons has allowed me to reach a place where I have a team I can trust and an approach that exceeds clients’ expectations.

In terms of specific projects, the conception of a new visitor attraction (still in progress) required me to pull together a team of highly skilled contributors to work for free or very little whilst persuading Centre Parcs to support me on a completely new concept that they weren’t expecting.

I was asked to create a promotional film for Arm for a simple product launch. Given only 3 weeks from concept to completion, it was a difficult task to conceptualise and produce live action in 3 locations, mixed with VFX completely from scratch. It was a success and later received over 180k views on YouTube and parts were adopted for BBC’s popular ‘Click’ technology programme’s opening titles, whilst being broadcast nationwide among TV news stories relating to an upcoming technology company.

Projects you are most proud of and why

I’m proud of so many of the jobs I’ve contributed to but here are a few:

Biggest Lessons in life and work

The world has become such an amazing landscape of creative opportunity that it’s easy to push important personal relationships down the pecking order. It’s important to remember that without nurturing these relationships you lose more than you’ll ever gain from creative expression.

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