Stella Wan – motion graphic designer / editor

At Blueberry we are very privileged to meet brilliant and talented people on a weekly basis. This week the spotlight is on motion graphics designer/editor, Stella Wan.

Stella’s creative and technical abilities incorporate graphic design, illustration, photography and moving image. Her interests lie particularly within the music environment rendering in print, live visuals and installations. Utilising all skills from her varied specialisms ensures broad experimentation in the design approach for each project she undertakes.

Most recently, Stella created motion graphics/gfx promotional content for Discovery Channel’s new series “Idris Elba: No Limits”. Other clients include Panasonic, Post Office, Samsung, Vodafone, Lloyds Banking Group, The Secret Garden Festival, Match&Fuse Festival. Projects that Stella has contributed to have been featured in DASH Magazine and Wallpaper Magazine, amongst others.

Stella is wildly talented and we’re very happy to be working with her from these early days of what will be a brilliant career.