Stephen Agnew – Editor/Director

Stephen is a Northern Irish creative editor and director who has been living in London for about 8 years. Technically skilled and experienced in both the music and advertising industry – his whole career has been centred around video production and moving image design. He has developed an acute knowledge of audience consumption patterns focusing on how the landscape is changing, and how to direct and customise content for individual platforms.

Road to success – Ups and Downs

Any ‘success’ I’ve experienced has often stemmed from working with the right people on the right projects. Developing a sense of mutual trust in both recurring clients and collaborators is of paramount importance for things to work out smoothly. I think it’s inevitable for the down moments to occur if this kind of relationships aren’t nurtured. Creative work is collaborative, so collaborate openly and wisely.

Projects I’m most proud of

Editing the music video for “Fuckabout” by alternative rock duo Drenge’s was so much fun and the core a great articulation of what I enjoy doing from a creative standpoint. Whereas working on Royal Blood’s music video for their song “Ten Tonne Skeleton” was appealing to me because of its scale and polish.

Biggest lessons in life and work

I guess the best lesson I’ve ever learned in my career is that you should let your work speak for you (and to put crisps in a sandwich).

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