Joe Costin

Edit Assistant

CV Email

After moving to London from the North after completing an MA in Post Production, Joe has accumulated a wide range of experience in the field. Starting as a runner at ENVY and working his way through the ranks from edit assistant to Machine Room Manager – where he lead a team of Edit Assistants as they worked to tight deadlines for high profile broadcast clients such as BBC, 4Creative, Raw TV and Studio Lambert.

From there Joe took the time to hone his technical skills by working as a video support engineer, specialising in infrastructure installation and maintenance, daily Post Production support and archiving solutions for short form clients.

Now, Joe is working towards his goals of documentary editing as a freelance edit assistant. Experienced with both tape and tapeless workflows, he is well practiced in a wide variety of software including Avid, Adobe Suite and Autodesk Smoke. He excels at duties such ingesting, grouping, assembly cuts and most importantly, logical organisation and thorough communication.