Lexi Elven

Motion Graphic Designer


Lexi is a Motion Graphics Designer based in creative studio in Haggerston, East London. She delivers full-service design, animation, visual effects, art direction. Lexi makes projects and passions stand out in rapidly moving and changing environments. She is experienced in working on wide range of sectors from titles and branding to promos, trailers and mapping.

Lexi lives and works between London and Hong Kong, building a brand since 2007 of projects for high-profile industry names and design-conscious up’n’comers. She lays her career inspiration at the feet of Jurassic Park, where another Lexi faced down a stunningly realised T-Rex and lived to tell the tale.

Her recent clients include AKA, BBC, Blakeway, Blonde, Ch4, Curious, Empire Design London, Intermission, Manasian and Co., Metrodome, Panvista Productions, RAW, Raw Cut, Soho Events and The Partners.