Sadiki is awesome and getting on nicely, quite self sufficient.

James Doggett , Head of Post Prod , Keo Films

Just so you know Paul has been FAB to work with and has done a great job so far.

Ann-nee Ng , Production Manager , One Two Four

Stephen's been lovely to work with – a true gent. I’ll let you chat with him first and can you drop me a line once you’ve spoken as I’d like to ring and say thank you for his work over past 5 weeks and wish him well.

Caryl James , Production Manager , Blast! Films

Mike has been great over the past 2 days so thank you for booking him for us.

Beverley Wells , Post Production Manager , Kream

Just an email to thank you for the work you have given me this year. It’s been a great 3 years at ITV but its now time for the path to lead us in a new direction. I’m very much looking forward to what you’re able to get me next year and whilst scared I’m also excited! Blueberry has been a great home to me for nearly 5 years. I hope the relationship can continue and progress like it has this year. You’re all great for what you have done, through the many emails about late payments too my silly requests of start and end times. I want to succeed.

Nathan Caws , Editor

Aldo has done a brilliant job again - will happily have him back.

Richard Barnett , Head of AV , Havas Worldwide

It’s all good, almost like Gaia's been working with us for months already. By the way, I would like to confirm Monday’s pencil, please. Thank you!

Erwann Guirriec , On-Air Producer , Discovery

Thanks for being so super over the past few years and helping me book some awesome editors. I have had a lovely time working with you and your team at Blueberry.

Laura Dolley , Bookings Co-ordinator, Two Four Productions

Ashley did very well. A kindred spirit. Well done yesterday – much appreciated.

Paul Fletcher , Producer , The Edge

Many thanks for your time yesterday. I enjoyed our chat and I thought you were incredibly helpful and supportive.

Paul Harper , CNN

We've been happy to have Cristina in for the last few days. Overall, she's been punctual, has a great attitude and fits in well with the team.

Natasha Forrester, Video Production Co-ordinator, Bright Talk

It went great with Stu, such a lovely guy! Really hope to get him in again soon.

Amy Rasmussen, Production Coordinator, VCCP

These guys are awesome!! Such a great time, everyone having fun and working. I like it here, and there is more Portuguese!! Whitecoat anytime for me.

Tiago Higgs , Motion Designer

I really like Joon, we’ll definitely be using him again!

Holly Blackwell , Production Assistant , Gravity Road

We felt Philip instantly understood the project and really helped bring it to life. The videos were exactly what we felt would make a real impact with our new branding on our first talent announcement.

Rose , Wilderness Festival

Just to let you know Gaia is a pleasure to work with and the Client have favoured her film from the get go. Very happy here and she will be one for the books!

Samantha Roberts, Producer , Somethin Else