The 2016 Degree Show at Ravensbourne

The 2016 edition of The Degree Show took place last week (June 15-17) at Ravensbourne‘s headquarters in North Greenwich. This innovative, industry-focused, university sector college, located right next to The O2, champions creativity and collaboration to give their students the skills and opportunities to achieve outstanding careers in digital media and design.

The Degree Show is Ravensbourne’s end of year graduate event, showcasing across three days the diverse, specialised and exceptional work that graduates produce. It marks a step from their collaborative education into the professional industries they aspire to innovate and excel in. Projects from over 15 creative disciplines are on show throughout the campus and industry professionals are invited to explore it and scout for potential talent to work with in the not-so-distant future.

Blueberry was in attendance like every year. Our Creative Consultant Liam Beirne – who handles Short Form Editing and Motion Graphic Design – was impressed with the quality on offer during his visit. The campus was buzzing with creativity from the moment you made your way in through the revolving doors. The whole event is organised and hosted by Ravensbourne’s students, who welcome guests at the entrance and are at hand  around the venue as ushers and supervisors for each panel.

Each year the graduating class’ work gets stronger and stronger and 2016 was no exception. The showreels of the graduates in the Motion Graphics Hons Programme were very slick and polished. This high skill level was also reflected in the confidence these young creatives displayed. Of note is that several of the graduates we spoke with wish to dive into the world of freelance work.

This new perspective is a departure from previous years, where most graduates were looking to put down roots and grow in a permanent role upon graduating. Such an outlook on their career aspirations underlines the graduates’ level of confidence, as well as the current industry atmosphere. It’s a talent-short market and this state of affairs, combined with the often-squeezed budgets of advertising and branding agencies, provides a perfect atmosphere for young designers to get their foot in the door.

Another highlight was the new digital advertising showcase which spanned creatives, strategy, art direction, branding and experiential. There were indeed a lot of great projects and showreels to browse and get lost into at The Degree Show but most importantly there were lots of young minds driven by an endless artistic passion and dedication to their craft, who are hungry for an opportunity to shine.

For more information on Ravensbourne check out their website.