Kim is smiling at the camera while holidng a plate with what looks like cake. SHe is wearing a chequered short and a printed t-shirt.

Kim Walsh-Wright

Kim is an awesome team player loved by the whole Blueberry team. She joined us in 2013 as an accounts coordinator and is now responsible for ensuring processes, invoices, and payment cycles run smooooothly. Ultra organised and hard-working, you can always rely on Kim to make things happen.

Born in the UK to an English mum and Irish dad, Kim’s entire family moved to sunnier climes and she grew up in Tenerife, where eventually she married a Scotsman (which resulted in a strange accent that few people can pinpoint!).

Kim returned to the UK in 2013 because she just loves grey and rainy weather! A woman of the world, she has worked in many sectors and is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. She enjoys challenges and learning, and she is mad enough to find pleasure in extreme sports. Kim’s favourite imaginary food is bacon ice cream. Sadly, no one invented it yet, or have they?