What we do

Blueberry is devoted to uniting creative minds.

We see ourselves as partners to our clients and talent, we’re personally invested.

Our talent collaborate with creative businesses, broadcasters, production companies, design and digital agencies.

The result is a dynamic network of people, enjoying working together to produce great content.

Post production

Editors, colourists and sound designers for film, documentary, television, promos, commercials and online.

Design & animation

Motion graphic designers, animators, 3D, compositors, illustrators, storyboard artists and print designers.

Creative production

Creative directors, directors, producers, camera people, branding consultants and projection mapping specialists.

Some of the clients we work with

Here are some of the solutions we deliver daily

Freelance Creative Talent

Sourcing from a world class talent, we give clients the freedom and flexibility to pull in and combine specific skills how and when they’re needed.

Many of our talent have been with us for years.  We’ve got to know each other well, so we can help connect the right people quickly and accurately.

Creative Polymaths

According to Wikipedia… “A polymath, deriving from the greek; polymathes, “having learned much” is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas; such a person is known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.”

At Blueberry, the term Creative Polymath describes a person who has achieved mastery in three main areas: production, post and design. They have a sort of alchemy.

Our clients love working with these gifted people because they gain, in one person, professional experience across a range of disciplines AND a touch of magic to drive their brief forwards. This level of expertise naturally encompasses a fresh perspective on creative solutions, ideas that break open new ideas, spread a message, inspire…


There come times when you need extra hands on deck – but have a shortage of decks…or you need a special piece of work done, but are bursting at the seams…when you need to hatch and develop somewhere else, but not too far…or expand your team to meet a deadline…In fact there are all sorts of reasons why sometimes businesses need to outsource and work with collaborators remotely. And the crux is in trusting you’re choosing the right person and solution.

Outsourcing works on an individual project basis because every scenario is different.  So the solutions we offer are tailored and as with every recommendation, our top priority is bringing people together to succeed in doing their best work.

Support when you need it

A chance encounter can turn into a life long friendship.

We love being the calm in the eye of the storm, providing a level of support and connectivity that keeps the show rolling.  Sharing our connections to help our network thrive. Whether you’re sourcing with a long lead time, or at the last minute, get in touch and we’ll do our very best to help you.