What’s On: 2023

Ronnie O'Sullivan: Amol Rajan Interviews
Channel: BBC Two
Production: BBC
Editor: Simon Abrahams

Amol Rajan sits down with Ronnie O’Sullivan – widely regarded as the greatest snooker player of all time – to discuss his incredible life both on and away from the table | More

Scary Tales of New York
Channel: Curiosity Stream and Sky History UK
Production: Impossible Factual
Editor: Jonathan Kelly, Steve Teers

In this fantastic new series, iconic true stories from the 1930'-50's are retold in the noir voice of the era's classic writers. The mean streets of New York are brought to life through uniquely restored colour footage - and legendary actor Colm Meaney is perfect as our Storyteller.

Steve Teers (episode 4 – 'Haircut for a Mob Boss')
Jonathan Kelly (episode 5 – 'The Mad Bomber') | More

Special Forces: World's Toughest Test, Series 2
Channel: Fox
Production: Minnow Films
Editor: Vicky Sankey and Tom Stark Holland

Reality series. Sixteen celebrities face challenges from the playbook of the Special Forces selection process.

Vicky Sankey (eps 3 & 6)
Tom Stark Holland (eps 5 & 8). | More

The Gunpowder Plot: Countdown to Treason
Channel: Channel 5
Production: Lion TV
Editor: Adam Harvey and Alan Harris

This special production delves into the untold story behind this historic event, offering a fascinating insight. Explore the minds behind the plot, understand the sheer scale of the operation and witness how it almost changed the course of British history forever. | More

Hotel Benidorm: Fun-Loving Brits in the Sun
Channel: Channel 5
Production: Twofour
Editor (EPs 2, 3, 5): Alona Tarka

Season 2, aptly titled Fun-Loving Brits in the Sun, enters another of the city's iconic hotels, the Hotel Benidorm Plaza. Meet the staff who keep things moving and the holidaymakers who flock to the postcard Spanish resort in search of a break. | More

Russell Brand: In Plain Sight: Dispatches
Channel: Channel 4
Production: Hardcash
Additional Editor: Rohan Thomas

Investigative documentary strand Dispatches investigates Russell Brand's treatment of women amidst his tumultuous career across British radio, television and Hollywood films. Amongst the allegations made against the star are multiple disturbing claims of sexual assault. Since airing, it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with Independent, Telegraph, and Guardian all awarding it 5 stars. | More

Science in Conflict Zones: Ella Al-Shamahi
Channel: NHK World-Japan
Production: Caravan Media
Editor: Beatrix Grimbly

Studying ancient humans and being a comedian aren't typically careers that go hand in hand. But Ella Al-Shamahi sure nails it! In this episode of 'Direct Talk', Ella shares her pioneering research in areas understudied by science due to conflict or political instability. Presented with a hefty dose of humour, it's surprisingly fun and enlightening. | More

Emergency Nurses: A&E Stories
Channel: ITVx, ITVBe
Production: Crackit
Editor: Yulia Martynova (EP 8)

Healthcare starts with nurses. And once again, the nurses of Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital take us behind the scenes in East Anglia's busiest A+E. This series, they are caring for a never-ending stream of patients, overcoming difficulties with sheer dedication. Their banter: the only way to brighten the stressful environment. | More

The Repair Shop
Channel: BBC One, BBC iPlayer
Production: Ricochet
Editor: Ruth Horner (S12 EPs 9-10)

Hosted by Jay Blades, this heart-warming TV show is all about the stories of everyday people who bring treasured items to the barn-turned-workshop to be restored. The Repair Shop show won Best Daytime at the 2023 National Television Awards. | More

Sort Your Life Out (Series 3)
Channel: BBC One
Production: Optomen
Editor: Ruth Horner (EP1)

Stacey Solomon and her crack team help families transform their homes. With a life-changing declutter, they upcycle and recycle their way to a new home. Can Stacey encourage these families to let go of some of their burden? | More

Dorset: Country and Coast
Channel: Channel 5
Production: Two Four
Editor: Keith Wilson (EPs 2 and 5)

Embark on a journey through breathtaking Dorset, from coastal towns to the Jurassic coast, in this new series narrated by Alan Titchmarsh. What's not to love about the region's thriving wildlife, fantastic food, and welcoming locals? | More

Channel: BBC iPlayer
Production: October FIims
Editor: Raul Sacristan (EP 6 and 8)

Follow the Roman Empire's rise and fall at the Colosseum and witness the epic arena's glory and brutality through the lives lived and ended on its bloody sands.

"Maximus Decimus Meridius, I was entertained. And more than a little educated, too" ★★★★☆ The Guardian
| More

Prime Suspect: Earth
Channel: The Weather Channel
Production: Bigger Bang
Editor: Mark Lovegrove (EP 9)

History is full of mysterious events, from abandoned ghost ships and lost planes to strange glowing lights and unexplained booms. Could Earth's phenomena hold the answers? Wsing state-of-the-art data to dissect and seek answers, this edu-tainment documentary series tackles these mysteries using head on.

Crafted by Blueberry editor Mark Lovegrove, episode 9 explores the WWII 'balloon bomb', unexpected Himalayan floods in India, and a pandemic that froze the world in its tracks. | More

Channel: Channel 4
Production: The Garden Productions
Junior Editor: John Okello

Eleven people, dropped in Canada's remote wilderness, compete to survive for as long as possible – completely isolated from anyone else, with just the odd hungry bear, moose or cougar on the hunt for its next meal. Who will be the last one standing and win the £100k prize? | More

Secrets of Miss America
Channel: A&E (Available in the US only)
Production: Lightbox
Editors: Jo Wall (EP3) and Tom Parker (EP 4)

This revealing four-part documentary series uncovers scandalous allegations of misogyny and racism within America's oldest beauty pageant, challenging its relevance amidst the evolving societal perceptions of beauty and gender dynamics. Featuring testimonies from former contestants, the series highlights the detrimental impact of the competition on participants' mental health, shedding light on a far less empowering reality behind the pageantry. | More

Why Sharks Attack
Channel: BBC One and BBC iPlayer
Production: Windfall Films
Editor: Paul Bernays

This prime-time documentary explores the causes of shark attacks, including one fatal incident in the Red Sea, by looking at human pressures through fishing, tourism, and climate change. Using a combination of current affairs investigations, scientific analysis, survivor stories, and expert insights, it explains why sharks are approaching shorelines and attacking people. | More

Bill Bailey's Master Crafters: The Next Generation
Channel: Sky Arts
Production: Spun Gold
Editors: Simon Abrahams, Ruth Horner

This heartwarming series hosted by Bill Bailey follows nine extremely talented junior crafters as they create stunning pieces. The cherry on top? They've been selected to create an amazing heirloom piece that will grace the gardens of King Charles and Queen Camilla's Highgrove House. | More

Cursed Treasures
Channel: HISTORY
Production: Monster Films
Editor : Neill Jongman

The fall of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome left the whereabouts of their greatest treasures unknown: looted, hidden or lost to time. The docu-series explores the quest of those brave enough to go in search of these prizes and reveals the truth behind deadly curses bestowed on them. | More

The Vikings
Channel: Channel 5
Production: Darlow Smithson
Editor (EP 3): Mark Rees

This three-part documentary series tells the gruesome story of one of the most savage conquests in English history. It recounts the brutality of the Viking forces under the Danish Prince Canute as they blasted their way across the country. | More

Dark Water: The Murder of Shani Warren
Channel: Channel 5
Production: Turquoise TV
Editor: Ash Jenkins

This gripping feature-length documentary weaves together the intriguing pieces of a cold case you won’t want to miss. In 1987, 26-year-old Shani Warren was found drowned — bound hands and feet — in Taplow Lake, Buckinghamshire. This case went unsolved for over 30 years. Until finally, in 2020, the Thames Valley Police made a forensic breakthrough. | More

The Sum of It All
Channel: Disney +
Production: Fulwell 73
Assistant Editors: Sophie Hurry and Ryan McBlain

This 4-part docu-series is a heartfelt and intimate portrayal of Ed Sheeran's life, from the soaring highs of his career to the devastating lows of losing his best friend and dealing with his wife's cancer diagnosis. | More

Amol Rajan Interviews: Watergate to Trump
Channel: BBC Two, BBC iPlayer
Production: BBC Studios
Editor: Simon Abrahams

Amol Rajan interviews Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the two journalists at the heart of the Watergate scandal, about the fall of Nixon, the presidency of Trump, the state of America and the world today. In this wide-ranging interview, Rajan questions the pair on some of the most important issues of modern times. | More

Murder: Fight for the Truth
Channel: CBS Reality
Production: Phoenix Television
Editor: Adam Harvey

Meet the heroes who wouldn’t give up cracking murder cases, relentlessly pursuing justice for the victims and putting their killers behind bars. Every episode is authored by the hero who drove the search for justice and was instrumental to cracking the case. Adam Harvey edited two episodes, respectively following the stories of Alisha Canales-Maguire and Leanne Tiernan. | More

Natural History Museum: World of Wonder (Series 2)
Channel: Channel 5
Production: The Garden
Editor: Mark Rees

London's Natural History Museum has a collection of over 80 million objects, and welcomes over 5 million visitors a year. This fascinating documentary series takes us behind the doors of this legendary museum. Meet the team who keep it all running, and the scientists dedicated to uncovering secrets about the natural world.

Mark Rees edited episode 1. | More

Wedding Valley
Channel: UKTV Play
Production: Little Gem
Editor: Rita Kaye

A UKTV original series about the thriving wedding industry of Lancashire's stunning Ribble Valley. Not a fan of wedding shows? Hold onto your teacup because 'Wedding Valley' is about to have you say "I do" to dancing in the rain and doughnut towers as wedding cakes. | More

Big Interiors Battle
Channel: Channel 4
Production: Remarkable TV
Editor: Gabriel Edvy

AJ Odudu, Dara Huang, Tim Heatley and Adam Higgins are on the hunt for the next best interior designer. Watch as eight budding designers transform empty spaces into their dream homes. The prize? A life-changing mortgage-free apartment in a Grade II Listed building in Sheffield. | More

Unbelievable Me
Channel: Discovery+
Production: Future Studios
Editor: Spencer Wright

Explore the awe-inspiring journeys of remarkable individuals who face rare medical conditions. Across 10 episodes, watch them strive to seize every moment with unwavering strength and resilience. | More

999: On The Front Line
Channel: More 4 & Channel 4
Production: Curve Media
Editors: Simon Abrahams and Keith Wilson

999, what's your emergency? Handling over 4,000 calls daily, the West Midlands Ambulance Service has never been busier. Showing the range of cases ambulance crews attend to in real-time, '999: On the Front Line' follows WMAS paramedics on typical 12-hour shifts as hospital waiting times continue to bite. Simon Abrahams edited Episodes 4 and 6. Keith Wilson edited episode 9. | More

Make or Break
Channel: Apple TV
Production: Box to Box
Editor: Jonathan Stenton

Travel the globe with the cream of pro surfing and follow athletes competing for a world title in the World Surf League Championship Tour. Season 2 of this adrenaline-fuelled docuseries captures their lives on tour and the sacrifices they face to reach the top. | More

Pilgrimage: The Road Through Portugal
Channel: BBC Two, BBC iPlayer
Production: CTVC
Editors: Karla Guimaraes and Pietro Occhiuzzi

Follow seven celebrities from different religious backgrounds on an arduous pilgrimage along Portugal's Way of Fatima. Beautifully shot, the series offers a wealth of musings on life's big questions and a good dose of humour. | More

Bubble and Squeak Murder: The Killing of David Jackson
Channel: Crime + Investigation Play
Production: Transistor Films
Editor: Hugh Lewis

A sleepy Somerset town, an elderly couple with dark secrets, and a row over serving bubble and squeak with steak. Those are the ingredients behind the disturbing killing of David Jackson, stabbed by his wife Penny in 2021, claiming he had abused and controlled her for years.

Editor Hugh Lewis did an outstanding job bringing this 2-part true-crime documentary to life. | More

Nick Knowles' Big House Clearout, S3
Channel: Channel 5
Production: Viacom Studios
Editor: Laverne Antonio

Can de-cluttering be empowering? Follow Nick Knowles as he challenges families to throw away more than half of their possessions in return for a dream home makeover!

Laverne Antonio edited Episode 3, which follows a family of six from Essex drowning in clutter. 82 boxes of clothes, 92 pillowcases and a staggering 613 cuddly toys. | More