What’s On: Autumn-Winter 2022/23

Nick Knowles' Big House Clearout, S3
Channel: Channel 5
Production: Viacom Studios
Editor: Laverne Antonio (EP3)

Can de-cluttering be empowering? Follow Nick Knowles as he challenges families to throw away more than half of their possessions, in return for a dream home makeover!

Laverne Antonio edited Episode 3, which follows a family of six from Essex drowning in clutter. 82 boxes of clothes, 92 pillowcases and a staggering 613 cuddly toys. | More

Predator: The Secret Scandal of J-Pop
Channel: BBC Two and BBC iPlayer
Production: BBC Studios
Editor: Dave Jacobs

Johnny Kitagawa was the "architect" of Japanese pop idol culture. Allegations of sexual exploitation have dogged his career, but he is still revered and seemingly untouchable in most of Japan. This hard-hitting documentary follows journalist Mobeen Azhar as he discovers a country in near-total denial about its most famous paedophile. What was the reality of being part of Kitagawa's pop machine? And what were the consequences of the Japanese media looking the other way?

Image credits: The i Paper (Gerard Gilbert), The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian (Hollie Richardson). | More

Johnny vs Amber: The US Trial
Channel: Discovery+
Production: Optomen
Editors (EP1): Hugh Lewis, Steve Teers

Last year, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's relationship and allegations of domestic abuse were laid bare for public consumption. It was the bitter legal battle that dominated the media. Now Optomen's two-part documentary brings together eye-opening evidence, personal archives and in-depth interviews with their legal teams to put their stories across. | More

Date My Mate
Channel: Amazon Prime
Production: Dragonfly
Editor: Ash Jenkins, Rhys Warlow

Finding love has become a spectator sport. In this quirky, modern dating show, we join everyday singles as they search for love from the comfort of their couches with the help of friends and family. Swiping through potential suitors on the show's interactive app, they'll laugh, cry and squirm until they meet the person of their dreams—or maybe not. | More

My Life: Child of the Wild
Channel: CBBC and BBC iPlayer
Production: Big Deal Films
Editor: David Moya

Produced by inclusive storytelling specialists, Big Deal Films, this documentary follows 11-year-old Geremias Manqueriapa, a member of a native Machiguenga community, on an extraordinary journey from the heart of the Peruvian jungle to the city of Lima and the Pacific Ocean. As he demonstrates his skill at grub foraging and fishing, Geremias reveals his vision and dreams for the future while opening our eyes to the complexities of our world. | More

The Secret Genius of Modern Life
Channel: BBC Two
Production: BBC Studios
Editor (EP 6 "Trainers"): Yulia Martynova

Take a journey with Prof. Hannah Fry as she explores the hidden truth behind modern technology. With contagious enthusiasm, Fry celebrates how tech has shaped our lives and examines its underlying costs. Yulia Martynova edited episode 6, which uncovers the mysteries of modern trainers and explores the evolution of sports shoes—from waffle soles to Nike’s accidental discovery, plus Adidas' family squabble.

| More

How The Holocaust Began
Channel: BBC Two
Production: Caravan Media
Editor: Julie Buckland

This powerful documentary recounts a harrowing tale of mass extermination and the untold stories of its victims. During WWII, millions of men, women and children were shot and buried across land belonging to the former Soviet Union. This holocaust of bullets, preceding the holocaust of gas, was aided by civilians and is an event largely unexplored—until now.

Image credits: Caravan Media, Benjamin Holgate. | More

Digging for Britain (S10)
Channel: BBC Two
Production: Rare Television
Editor (EP 6 and 2): Mark Lovegrove

Follow Professor Alice Roberts on an exciting journey through British archaeology, connecting up the results of investigations and digs across the country. | More

22 Kids and Counting (S3)
Channel: Channel 5
Production: Lion Television
Editor (EP 2, 3, and 7): Karla Guimaraes

Season 3 of this much-loved show follows Britain's biggest family, the Radfords, as they face nerve-racking hospital visits, consider buying a motorhome and see more of their children leave home. | More

Web Of Death
Channel: Disney+ (Star), Hulu
Production: Blink Films
Editors: Simon Abrahams (EP "Boulder’s Jane Doe"), Hugh Lewis (EP "Body of Evidence")

Brand new docu-series follows determined online sleuths who use digital footprints, DNA databases and social media to help solve real murder cases. Each episode focuses on one amateur detective and one case—from identifying a skull found inside a cement bucket to tracking down a lottery winner who suddenly disappeared. | More

Makeaway Takeaway (S2)
Channel: CITV, ITVX
Production: Dot to Dot Productions
Editor (EP 5 and 10): Ed Kinnear

Comedy arts and crafts show presented by comedian Bec Hill. Now on its second iteration, the show is sure to provide your little ones with a much-needed creative outlet.
| More

Know Your Sh!t: Inside Our Guts
Channel: Channel 4
Production: Monkey Kingdom
Editor: Kimaathi Spence (EP 6)

Brand new medical series. Each weekly episode features people who suffer from a wide range of gut-health issues, which are impacting other areas of their health and well-being. A team of experts provide bowel movement testing, provide diet solutions and lifestyle hacks to improve gut health. | More

Channel: Sky History
Production: October Films
Editor: Raul Sacristan

This epic docu-drama series uses the Colosseum to tell the thrilling story of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, through the lens of the men and women who fought and died there. | More

José Andrés and Family in Spain
Channel: Discovery+
Production: Nutopia
Editors: Daniel Birt, Gabriel Edvy, George Reynolds (assembly)

Join José Andrés, the well-known chef and humanitarian, on a culinary trip around Spain with his Gen Z American-born daughters Carlota, Inés, and Lucía. The show will take you to some of the finest food destinations in the country: Barcelona, Madrid, Andalucía, Lanzarote, and Asturias. Along the way, the family meets chefs, food makers, and old friends—making for an unforgettable journey. | More

Lost Treasures of Egypt (S4)
Channel: National Geographic
Production: Windfall Films
Editor: Ralph Pereira (EP "Rise of the Pyramids" and "Secrets of the Lost Pyramids")

Discover ancient Egyptian mysteries across eight new episodes and follow archaeologists as they explore pyramids, uncover long-lost tombs, and find ancient mummies. Ralph Pereira edited episodes 'Rise of the Pyramids' and 'Secrets of the Lost Pyramids'. | More

Dementia, Music and Us
Channel: BBC iPlayer, North West, Yorks & Lincs, and Yorkshire.
Production: BBC Studios
Editor: Damian Townend

In the five years since Keith and Joan were diagnosed with dementia, Manchester Camerata workshops have helped them cope and create new memories. We Are England documentary "Dementia, Music and Us" follow the couple while on holiday with other dementia-impacted families and carers. As they write and perform new songs, a music expert observes the group hoping to better understand the connection between music and memories. | More

The Secret World Of...
Channel: Channel 4
Production: 72 Films
Additional Editor (EP 2): Steve Keevil

Love behind-the-scenes documentaries? In "The Secret World Of...", 72 Films lifts the lid on the multibillion-pound food brands that Brits encounter every day. Buckle up for an irresistible tour of high-tech factories and meet the geniuses behind Greggs, Burger King, Cadbury's, and many more.

Cut by Steve Keevil, episode 2 explores our love of burgers, revealing the battles between competitors that shape our patties. | More

Planet Sex
Channel: BBC Three, BBC iPlayer
Production: Freemantle's Nkd TV, Milkshake Productions
Reversioning Editors: Daniel Younger, Laverne Antonio

Got big questions about sex? So does Cara! Follow model, actress, and LGBTQ+ advocate Cara Delevingne in her immersive quest to better understand the cultural and natural forces that shape our identity. | More

Save Our Squad with David Beckham
Channel: Disney+
Production: Twenty Twenty
Editor: Doug Howarth

Co-produced by Twenty Twenty and Studio99—with the first two episodes edited by Doug Howarth—Save Our Squad is David Beckham's new coming-home series. The show follows Beckham as he returns to his East London roots to mentor Westward Boys, a grassroots team facing relegation from the same league where David played as a young boy. (Image credit: James Turner) | More

Saving Venice
Channel: PBS and Arte
Production: Lion TV
Additional Editors: Dave Jacobs and Steve Teers

How do you save a sinking city? The sea level is rising rapidly, increasing the frequency of saltwater flooding in Venice, and destroying its historic buildings. Scientists and engineers are on a mission to protect this unique jewel of architecture and culture before it’s too late. | More

Killer In My Village
Channel: Sky Crime
Production: Avalon
Editor (EP 3, 5, 9, and 10): Mike Morley

This documentary series explores murder cases that were committed in small British towns—from execution murders by complete strangers to crimes of passion—revealing their impact on the local communities.
| More

Bad Skin Clinic (S4)
Channel: Quest Red
Production: Full Fat TV
Editor (EP 5 and 12): Karla Guimaraes

Dr Emma Craythorne re-opens the Bad Skin Clinic doors for series 4. From brief procedures to pioneering operations, her team helps patients with extreme and sometimes debilitating skin conditions. The results of their work are truly transformative—both physically and emotionally. | More

Michel Roux’s French Country Cooking (S2)
Channel: Food Network and Discovery+.
Production: Outline Productions
Editor: Zan Barberton

Shot on location in beautiful Southern France, the show follows Michel Roux showcasing the area's unique cuisine and some of its finest locally-grown produce. Only the best fish, seafood, vegetarian meals, barbecues, and desserts will do for his wife Giselle, friends and family. | More

Channel: Disney +
Production: Plimsoll Productions
Editor (EP "Eat or Be Eaten"): Pete Miller

Exec-produced by James Cameron and Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, this brand-new series utilises the latest scientific innovations and leading-edge filmmaking technology, to reveal the secret powers and super-senses of the world’s most extraordinary animals—from seeing flowers in bee-vision to eavesdropping on a conversation between elephant seals to soaring the length of a football field with glow-in-the-dark squirrels. | More