What’s On: Long Form – Editing – July / August / September – 2019

Olivia And Alex: Happily Ever After
Channel: TLC
Production: Angel Eye
Editor: Hannah MacCleod

Celebrity couple Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland have tied the knot! Cameras follow the glamorous duo in the next chapter, as they deal with work, fame and marriage! | More

Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted (Alaska)
Channel: National Geographic
Production: Studio Ramsay
Editor: Simon Abrahams

In the harsh conditions of southeast Alaska, Gordon learns how locals have adapted over the years to create their delicious local cuisine. | More

Peter Taylor: My Journey Through The Troubles
Channel: BBC2
Production: BBC Northern Ireland
Editor: Simon Abrahams

In a uniquely personal journey on the 50th anniversary of the deployment of British troops in August 1969, Peter Taylor reflects on almost a half century of covering the Northern Ireland conflict.

It's available on BBC Iplayer! | More

Inside The Bruderhof
Channel: BBC1
Production: CTVC
Editor: Dave Jacobs

With unique access to this historically private community, Inside The Bruderhof enters the village of Darvell, where for almost 50 years, an extraordinary radical Christian community, The Bruderhof, has lived outside of mainstream society. This observational documentary holds a mirror up to modern Britain -with its consumerist concerns, high crime and deprivation rate - and looks at this community’s simple and arguably utopian way of life, whilst exploring the personal cost and sacrifice required to live there.
| More

William and Harry: Princes at War
Channel: Channel 5
Production: ITN
Editor: Jon Moratiel

As speculation heats up, are the rumours of a rift true?
| More

Big in The Valleys
Channel: BBC3
Production: Sundog Pictures
Editor: Aldo Paternostro, Hardeep Takhar

With millennials set to be the heaviest generation since records began, this series visits the Welsh Valleys, which has some of the highest obesity rates in Wales.

It's available to watch on BBC Iplayer!
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The Best Little Prison in Britain
Channel: ITV
Production: Amazing Productions
Editor: Gabriel Edvy

With access all areas, from sentencing to rehabilitation, parole and probation, this series opens the doors on Jurby Prison on the Isle of Man. In this very unique institution we meet the men, women and juveniles all held in the same place.

You can catch up on it on ITV Hub! | More

Sunderland 'Til I Die
Channel: Netflix
Production: Fulwell 73
Editor: Jonathan Stenton

The English city of Sunderland has seen its main industries of shipbuilding and mining fall by the wayside, which means the Sunderland Association Football Club -- SAFC -- has become an increasingly more important part of the lifeblood of the unique city. The club's fans are some of the most passionate and loyal in sports, but their passion is tested following SAFC's relegation. The docuseries follows the clubs journey through its season from inside the club and from the fans perspective. | More