What’s On: Long Form July / August / September 2018. A selection of programmes and documentaries crafted by our Editors.

Handmade in the Pacific
Channel: BBC 4
Production: ClearStory
Editor: Rob Franz

New 4 part observational doc series, starting on Mon 10th Sept at 10pm. We'll be immersed in the world of indigenous artists as they create their cherished items. | More

Walking Britain's Lost Railways
Channel: Channel 5
Production: Rumpus Media
Editor: Adam Harvey and Shai Rodogovsky

New travel series of 6 x 1 hour programmes. Presenter Rob Bell follows the route of six railway lines that were closed in the 1960s. During his journey he will discover the history of the lines and the communities that sit alongside them, as well as exploring the impact of the introduction and closure of the railways on local societies. Adam Harvey cut episodes 1 & 3, while Shai Rodogovsky cut episodes 2, 4, 5 & 6.
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Channel: Crime and Investigation Channel
Production: EndemolShine North
Editor: James Clayson

In a gripping ten part series, Murdertown tells the story of some of the most shocking murders in the UK and examines the impact they had on local communities around them. James cut the episodes Dundee (17th Sept) & Pontypridd (1st Oct). Starts 3 Sep 2018 at 9pm. | More

£10k Holiday Home
Channel: ITV 1
Production: Betty TV
Editor: Simon Abrahams

New ITV 1 documentary series, started 7th August. Following Brits as they become holiday home owners abroad for just £10k and under, this first episode sees presenter Julia Bradbury's own experience of purchasing in Portugal. Episodes showing on Tuesdays at 7.30pm. | More

Celebs on the Farm
Channel: Channel 5
Production: GooWoo Media
Editor: Rita Kaye

The return of this format has "secured itself firmly in viewers' hearts as their new favourite reality programme." Nightly at 10pm from 21st August.

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Building Britain's Canals
Channel: Five
Production: Elephant House
Editor: Shai Rodogovsky

Historian Dan Jones tells the story of how artificial waterways changed the landscape of Britain during the industrial revolution.
Available on My5.. | More

Love and Drugs on the Street: Girls Sleeping Rough - series 3
Channel: BBC 3
Production: Films of Record
Editor: Aldo Paternostro

Follow the very personal journeys of 4 young women, all fighting to survive in Sussex - a county with the UK's highest homeless rate outside of London. Aldo Paternostro has worked on 'Love and Drugs on the Street: Girls Sleeping Rough' since series 1. Available to watch on iPlayer. | More

Detroit – The Comeback City
Channel: History Channel
Production: Nutopia
Editor: Katherine Lee, Stephen Prince

A film about the rise, fall and rebirth of Detroit – shown through the prism of the Michigan Central Train Station - which has acted as the face of Detroit’s decline for 30 years, has been promised a revival by Ford Motor Company.

This one-hour special, narrated by Detroit native and Academy Award-winner J.K. Simmons, includes interviews with Alice Cooper, Bill Ford, astronaut Jerry Linegar, Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Pulitzer Prize-winner Dr. Heather Ann Thompson. Detroit rapper Big Sean worked as an executive producer.

Broadcast on Sun 1st July, the film is still available to watch online. | More

American Monster (series 3)
Channel: Discovery
Production: Arrow Media
Editor: Alan Harris

Learn how murder cases have been solved with the help of home videos – and how these expose the double lives led by serial killers.

Alan Harris edited episode 1 “Stages of Grief”. After 55-year-old Joan Dawley’s murder, the family’s home videos reveal a shocking tale of deceit. Series currently airing on Sundays at 8pm, and available on streaming services. | More

Operation Thai Cave Rescue
Channel: Discovery Channel
Production: ITN
Editor: Graeme Holmes, Ian Baigent, Kimaathi Spence

Following the amazing rescue of all 12 boys from a cave complex near Chiang Rai in Thailand, ITN produced a special documentary for Discovery – the first to cover this story. Tune in on 19th July. | More

Amazing Interiors
Channel: Netflix UK
Production: Barcroft
Editor: Ben Hills

Netflix UK’s new series ‘Amazing Interiors‘, showing Friday's from 20th July. Homes that appear outwardly unassuming, are stunning and eccentric inside. | More

Our Shirley Valentine Summer
Channel: ITV 1
Production: Two Four
Editor: Katherine Lee

This brand new series sends eight female celebrities, who have all reached a crossroads in their lives, to live together on a Greek island. Featuring Melinda Messenger, Sian Lloyd, Nancy Dell’Olio, Aggie MacKenzie, Ninia Benjamin, Lizzie Cundy, Annabel Giles and Ingrid Tarrant.

Tune in on Thursdays at 9.30pm on ITV1. | More