What’s On: Spring / Summer 2022

Faking It: Tears of a Crime
Channel: Discovery
Production: Shearwater Media
Editor: Mark Lovegrove, Stephen Prince

Documentary series. The stories of people who have shed crocodile tears to hide their guilt in criminal cases. Stephen Prince edited episodes 1, 2 and 3. Mark Lovegrove edited episode 4. | More

India 1947: Partition in Colour
Channel: Channel 4
Production: Optomen
Editor: Paul Bernays

Newly colourised two part documentary. The story of the partition of India and the personal rivalries of some of the key players - from Viceroy Mountbatten to Nehru and the Viceroy's wife.

Episode 2, edited by Paul Bernays, focuses on the period of time when violence was escalating and millions starts to migrate. | More

Queen Victoria and the British Maharaja
Channel: Channel 4
Production: Bend It Films
Editor: Julie Buckland

From the real-life Downton Abbey to her Southall roots, acclaimed filmmaker Gurinder Chadha explores the remarkable life story of Prince Victor Duleep Singh, godson of Queen Victoria. | More

Rip Off Britain - Series 14
Channel: BBC One
Production: BBC
Editor: Rita Kaye

The Rip Off Britain team is back and ready to tackle the consumer issues - from bills and bad customer service, to holidays and food. | More

How Did They Build That?
Channel: Smithsonian Channel
Editors: Gabriel Edvy, Simon Abrahams, Rob Franz, and Jason Bowes.

Season 2 of this Smithsonian Channel series will explore some of the most exciting architectural fascinations worldwide. And just when you thought it couldn’t get better: Jay Ellis will be the new face of the show! | More

Lost Treasures of Rome
Channel: Channel 4 and National Geographic
Production: Windfall Films
Editors: Alex Rees, Kimaathi Spence, Paul Berry, Rob Franz, Yulia Martinova

This new series follows International teams of archaeologists on the front line, as they embark on a season of excavations to unravel the secrets of life in the Roman Empire.

Crawling beneath Pompeii, unearthing an enormous lost coliseum, and hauling a 2000 year old battleship ram from the depths of the ocean, they race to unlock the secrets of this ancient civilization.
| More

American Monster - series 7
Channel: Discovery Investigation
Production: Arrow Media
Editor: Alan Harris, David Sinclair, George Reynolds, Marc Tondeur, Mark Rees, Stephen Prince and Zilke Lemmer.

Monsters can be found lurking behind any innocent smile and on any street corner in America. Through never-before-seen-video footage, interviews, and drama reconstruction American Monster stares straight into the eyes of the killers who hide in plain sight.
| More

Big Antique Adventure with Susan Calman
Channel: Channel 5
Production: True North
Editor: Mike Morley

Comedian Susan Calman is on a collectables training crash course. She heads to Lincolnshire for Europe's biggest antiques centre, where viewers bring in their precious items for valuation.

Mike Morely is credited on all 5 episodes. | More

Grayson's Art Club: Queen's Jubilee Special
Channel: Channel 4
Production: Swan Films
Editor: Zan Barberton

To mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Channel 4 is airing a special episode of 'Grayson's Art Club' on 25th May.

Along with special guests, presenters Grayson and Philippa Perry will choose their favourite pieces of regal-inspired art, submitted from across the nation. The finalists will eventually form part of a major national exhibition.

The Perry's will also create their own portraits of Elizabeth II for the occasion and reflect on what Her Majesty means to the United Kingdom. | More

Ambulance Code Red
Channel: Five
Production: Curve Media
Editor: Karla Guimares, Steve Keevil, Yulia Martynova

Body cams and mobile film crews provide a 360-degree multi-angle view, capturing the expert critical care of specialist emergency response teams who are tackling life or death incidents.
| More

The Airport : Back in the Skies
Production: Wonderhood
Editor: Karla Guimaraes, Gabriel Edvy

Fasten your seatbelts and join aviation expert and television legend Jeremy Spake as he returns to his old stomping ground, Heathrow, to learn how the airport is coping during a global pandemic—the most challenging time in its history. | More

Commando: Britain’s Ocean Warriors
Channel: BBC Two
Production: Seadog Productions
Editor: Paul Bernays

A new series that uncovers the behind-the-scenes story of one of Britain’s most revered military units: the Royal Marine Commandos. Cameras follow the green berets as they tackle environmental disasters, take on international threats, protect British interests, and even hunt for smugglers in the Gulf. Each episode follows the training and deployment of those who make up the fighting unit, including one of only two women to wear the green beret today. | More

Ellie Simmonds: A World Without Dwarfism?
Channel: BBC One
Production: Flicker Productions
Finishing Editor: Drago Bajalica

A BBC documentary following the personal journey of Paralympian swimmer Ellie Simmonds OBE as she explores the contentious debate surrounding a new drug said to reduce some of dwarfism's medical complications. | More

The Great Home Transformation
Channel: Channel 4
Production: BBC Studios
Editor: Richard Newlands

Emma Willis and Nick Grimshaw team up with designer Alex Dauley and IKEA for a new Channel 4 series as they set about transforming family homes across the country in just three days with the help of one life-changing truck. | More

The Nilsen Files
Channel: BBC Two
Production: Wall to Wall
Editor: Hugh Lewis

Hugh Lewis edited episode 3 of The Nilsen Files, a thoughtful documentary that explores how homophobia impacted the investigation into serial killer Dennis Nilsen. Did prejudice at the time allow the disappearance and murder of six young men to be overlooked? | More

Your Body Uncovered
Channel: BBC Two
Production: Remarkable
Editor: Steve Keevil

See your body like never before—from the inside out. Kate Garraway and Dr Guddi Singh use the latest technology to help patients understand their everyday medical conditions. Steve Keevil edited episode 4.
| More

Channel: Channel 4
Production: Studio Lambert
Editor: Bastien Bordeaux, Rhys Warlow, Tali Brown

Gogglebox returns for series 19! The armchair critics share more of their insightful and passionate takes on the week's biggest and best shows. | More

Mega Mansion Hunters
Channel: Channel 4
Production: Crackit Productions
Editor: Steve Teers

A luxury real estate fly-on-the-wall documentary series. Tyron Ash Real Estate has sold nearly £300 million in only 18 months using social media. In this final series episode, Tyron wants a slice of Cheshire and asks Brett to relocate to Manchester to head up the operation. | More

Britain's Novel Landscapes with Mariella Frostrup
Channel: More 4
Production: CTVC
Editor: Damian Townend

Mariella Frostrup travels the UK to explore the life and times of classic British women writers by visiting the landscapes and locations featured in their classic literary works. Damian Townend edited the episodes "Daphne Du Maurier's Cornwall" and "The Bronte's Yorkshire". | More

999 Critical Condition
Channel: Channel 5
Production: Brinkworth
Editor: Jonathan Kelly

The Brinkworth production team spent 6 months embedded within the Royal Stoke University Hospital's major traumas department (one of the country's best). They followed only the most critical cases, bringing the viewer into the battle for life. With no voiceover, the doctors tell their stories in their own words. | More

Ice Airport Alaska series 2
Channel: Smithsonian and Channel 5
Production: Rare TV
Editor: Keith Wilson (episodes 2 and 5)

Temps of -36C and 100mp wind speeds are expected. Plus, there's a massive set of challenges presented by COVID. The staff at Ted Stevens Anchorage Airport have a daily battle on their hands to ensure the airport remains open 24/7.
| More

Reframed: Marilyn Monroe
Channel: CNN
Production: Raw TV
Editor: Jo Wall

This year marks the 60th anniversary of film icon Marilyn Monroe's death. This new CNN documentary series revisits her movies, marriages, and career to uncover the themes of feminism, sexuality, and power that continue to drive our cultural conversation.

Inspired by the book “The Many Lives of Marilyn Monroe” by Sarah Churchwell, the four-part series is narrated by actress Jessica Chastain and features a cast of female voices (and an all-women editorial team). The series combines rare archival footage with first-person accounts from women close to Monroe.

Jo Wall edited episode 3 - 'Rebel'. Determined to become a serious actress, Marilyn departs from Twentieth Century Fox to start her own production company. | More

Digging For Britain
Channel: BBC Two
Production: Rare Television
Editor: Alona Tarka, Mark Lovegrove and Rob Franz

Professor Alice Roberts returns with more amazing historical discoveries. Among them, see a new Roman town be unearthed, a World War II air crash mystery laid to rest, evidence of early writing by the Picts in Scotland, and a 3,000-year-old Bronze Age coffin buried under a golf course. | More

Hotel Benidorm
Channel: Channel 5
Production: Two Four
Editor: Keith Wilson and Tom Sales

Most of us treasure memories of beach holidays and haven't had one for a very long time due to the pandemic. This new series captures the return of guests to one of Benidorm's most iconic hotels. | More

22 Kids and Counting
Channel: Channel 5
Production: Lion Television
Editor: Karla Guimaraes

The Radford family returns! Karla Guimaraes edited episodes 1 & 2, which see the family volunteer at a local shelter and dad Noel’s pie-making business booming. | More

Great British Landmark Fixers
Channel: Sky TV
Production: Wag TV
Editor: Kimaathi Spence

This new series reveals the repair and restoration projects of UK landmarks.

Episode 6 ‘London Sewer’, edited by Kimaathi Spence, shows us the efforts made by Thames Water to give the Victorian London sewage system a 21st-century upgrade. This includes digging the Tideway Tunnel (a ‘super sewer’ under the Thames). | More

Attack On Pearl Harbour
Channel: Channel 5
Production: Barcroft TV
Editor: Zoran Trajkovic

On the Pearl Harbour attack's 80th anniversary, this 3-part documentary special gave a detailed account of that day.

Zoran Trajkovic edited heart-stopping episode 3: "Declaration of War". The Americans must prepare for an imminent second attack wave. Directed and Produced by Stan Griffin. | More

Channel: Sky and Now TV
Production: Arrow Media
Editor: Doug Howarth

A 3-part documentary telling the incredibly moving story of those whose lives have been affected by HIV. The contributing characters are searingly honest as they celebrate scientific progress and hope for the future.

We were delighted to secure editor Doug Howarth for this project. The client said Doug was 'fabulous'! | More