Accused: Guilty or Innocent? After the Verdict

True crime documentary series.  This episode focuses on the post-trial journey of teen killer Sakai French.  Featuring unprecedented access to prisons, parole meetings, appeal hearings, and beyond.
Crafting the narrative arc within the series’ recognised format, Damian prioritised authenticity and emotional resonance, while also highlighting the intricacies and duelling emotions of this unique story.  From revealing the stark realities of maximum-security facilities to portraying the struggles of those directly and indirectly affected by the death of a young man, every frame aimed to resonate with authenticity and depth.
Collaborating closely with his director and producer, Damian endeavoured to infuse each moment with meaning, ultimately delivering a compelling exploration of the US justice system, the personal journeys of the convicted, and the impact on legal teams, families, and friends caught in the aftermath.  Shown on the Crime and Investigation channel on A&E Networks.
Brinkworth Productions
Crime and Investigation channel