Marriage (In)Equality

A short video art transports us to an imaginary world where heterosexual couples cannot legalise their relationships. The events take place during the war in Ukraine, which exacerbates the problems faced by couples – the inability to arrange guardianship for their children or to visit an injured partner in the hospital. Some of the characters are representatives of the LGBTQ+ community, who tell their authentic stories at the end of the video.

This project was prepared as part of an advocacy campaign, aimed at lobbying for the adoption of bill No. 9103 “On the Institute of Registered Partnerships” in Ukraine. This bill would allow LGBTQ+ couples to have some of the equal rights that heterosexual couples have after marriage. For example, in matters related to property, inheritance, insurance, pensions, medical care, and other important aspects of life.  Directed by Yuriy Dvizhon.

Blueberry talent