Alan Harris


Alan is a highly skilled and experienced Editor who has a vast amount of offline and online experience across a range of genres with streaming platforms, UK and US broadcasters.

With so much drama and factual programming under his belt, Alan clearly has a great eye for detail. He is adept at editing quite diverse styles of storytelling from scripted drama to unscripted reality; from live sport to obdoc; from the darkness of true crime to the lightness of comedy.

Alan is welcoming, affable and approachable. His creativity, organisational skills, insight, manipulation of sound and visual flair will ensure the story you want to tell is manifested into something captivating and compelling. He always keeps a cool head under pressure and is a proven problem solver.

Alan’s clients include North One, BBC, Lion, Freemantle, Brooke Lapping, Nutopia, Tinopolis, ITN and Viacom.

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