Alex Rees


Alex is a fast, creative and experienced editor and edit producer who prides himself at getting the job delivered on time and to the highest of standards. He cuts anything, from factual, documentaries, drama and drama reconstruction to current affairs, presenter-led or observational, entertainment, magazine programmes, reality TV, music,  multi media, TV and web broadcast.

Competent with fast visual-to-audio styles and effects for both short and long form content, he has sound editorial judgement, a keen sense of narrative structure and style and a passion for crafting stories that are narratively and visually interesting.

Proficient in Avid and Final Cut Pro, Alex is flexible and fully engages with the subject matter and content, working well with producers and directors to achieve their vision. His aim is to facilitate the production on both technical and artistic levels, therefore he can edit proficiently across a broad range of genres and styles.

Recent clients include Windfall Films, Brinkworth Productions, Pioneer Productions, Wag TV and Atlantic Productions.


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