Dave Jacobs, BFE


A brilliant and highly experienced Editor, Dave’s projects have won multiple awards – R.T.S. Awards, Prix Italia, Broadcast Awards and an Emmy.  He is privileged to have worked with fantastic directors and producers including Michael Gill, Maurice Hatton and Jeremy Isaacs.

Dave is quick and extremely skillful, with the ability to cut tricky material into something quite seamless. He is particularly strong at crafting human interest and character driven stories.  Dave also has an extensive knowledge of music and literature, bringing a real depth to projects within the arts. 

Deeply committed to his work, Dave always goes above and beyond.  At the same time, he doesn’t take himself seriously and has a great sense of humour – a joy to work with. 

Dave’s credits include ‘Kate Humble’s Coastal Britain’ (Channel 5) and ‘Inside The Bruderhof’ (BBC 1).

Interested in working with Dave?