Dragomir Bajalica


A senior editor with over 30 years experience, Drago has a superb eye for story and pacing. He excels in documentaries and feature docs and fully submerges himself in each project’s subject matter. This is particularly evident in stories involving human interest, drama, tension and humour.  Drago has delivered documentaries for all UK broadcasters and several international streamers.

Among his credits are ‘The Man Who Played With Fire’, which won the Rose D’Or Best Documentary in 2023 and was also shortlisted for the Grieron’s Best History Documentary and Best Documentary Series in the same year.

As well as acclaimed documentary series;’999: Critical Condition’, ‘Drive to Survive’ for Netflix and ‘Inside the Narco Wars: Mexico’ for National Geographic. And one offs such as; ‘Bounty Hunter’ with director Marc Issacs, the multi award winning feature documentary ‘Freightened’ and ‘Me and My Mental Illness’ which won Documentary of the Year at the Mind Media Awards 2017.

Dragomir is confident and fun, and thrives under pressure. He can speak and edit in Serbian (his mother tongue), Czech, Spanish, Russian and all other Slavic languages.

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