George Reynolds


George is a skilled editor with a great sense of storytelling and a unique perspective. Utterly obsessed with the art of editing, he surrounds himself with the craft, and when he isn’t facing a timeline, you will likely find him studying new techniques. Un-phased by non-linear editing software, George has credits completed in Avid, Premiere and Resolve. Yet, he understands that technology does not create the story: it’s only a tool that guides it.

George is also a talented manipulator of footage and an excellent problem solver who brings bags of creativity and energy to the edit. Projects he has edited appear on Disney+, Channel 4, ITV, and Discovery+.

More work by George
American Monster, Series 8
Black Panthers of WW2
Decades That Defined Us: 1960s
Heart of Steel
Feature Film
Mysteries of the Abandoned, Series 7
World War 2 From Above
World’s Most Secret Hotels: Hilltop Escapes
Factual entertainment

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