Heather Nair


Heather began her TV career in Singapore in 1996, working as an assistant director then went on to do multi camera directing on the EMMY nominated sitcom “Under One Roof”. Spending many hours in the edit suite with the editor cutting numerous episodes, she discovered her passion and future career in crafting stories.

Since moving to London in 1999, Heather earned her stripes as an editor, taking on a variety of projects and quickly establishing herself in unscripted and factual entertainment. She has a natural creative flair for building narratives with a particular interest in working on food and travel shows, appreciating how geography, history, culture, local traditions and dishes weave together, representative of different cities. Heather has a love for sound design as well and believes music can make or break the edit, using it to punctuate her storytelling.

Always bringing great humour and enthusiasm to her work, Heather is a pleasure to have on board and consistently goes the extra mile to deliver a finely crafted and entertaining experience.

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