Joe Matthews


An experienced editor with a flair for style and narrative, Joe trained at the BBC and worked for ten years on primetime documentaries and dramas, as well as incisive current affairs programmes and arts films. After leaving the BBC, he continued to build up documentary and drama documentary credits for a variety of terrestrial and US broadcasters including BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Discovery.

Joe’s strength lies in his ability to craft compelling drama whilst unpacking stories in new and interesting ways. He also excels at writing commentary and selecting top music choices. He believes in nurturing a strong spirit of collaboration in the edit to achieve the best working relationships and therefore the best possible programmes.

As well as editing, Joe has produced and directed several films for broadcast, including the critically acclaimed drama documentary ‘Bedlam – The History of Bethlem Hospital’ for History.  Joe brings this production experience to his edits and has a direct understanding of the challenges faced by directors and producers at the sharp end.

More work by Joe
Bedlam – The History of Bethlem Hospital
Bedlam – The History of Bethlem Hospital

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