Mike Morley


Mike has worked on a variation of programs including documentaries, format series, pop promos and multi-cam ‘as-live’ events. He has been largely immersed in the world of 3D having worked on 3D music programs, a Street Dance feature length documentary and a Wildlife 3D documentary. Mike has fantastic narrative skills and has the talent to engage an audience whether comically or emotionally.

Notable projects include: ‘Tattoo Disasters UK’ for Spike, ‘Housing Enforcers’ for BBC 1, ‘My Tasty Travels’ for ITV and ‘Secret Life of the Rainforest’ for Sky 3D and Discovery.

Mike is a lively, approachable and genuine person – a true asset to Blueberry.

More work by Mike
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My Tasty Travels
Pandas 3D: Back to the Wild

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