Rachael Scammell


CV Email

Offline Editor Rachael works predominately on observational documentaries and factual entertainment series.  In love with editing since the age of 11,  Racheal is so passionate to learn and develop.  She obtained a degree in Media and Cultural Studies, and then an MA in Documentary Practice and Journalism.  

In 2016, Rachael was hired by Lambent in Brighton, as an Edit Assistant.  Then she moved onto Back2Back, where she climbed very quickly to Senior Edit Assistant – looking after a team of other Assistants and then Offline Editor.  

Rachael worked at Back2Back for 5 years.  Here she built up her credits, such as; ‘World’s Deadliest Weather’, ‘Unexplained: Caught on Camera’ and ‘Exploration Volcano’ to name a few.  On ‘Engineering Repurposed’ she was assigned Ep 4 and it was bumped up to being Ep1 because of her great work on it.   She has a real eye for creating jeopardy, not just through storytelling but also with her music selections and subtle SFX.  Rachael has also cut pre-titles (including ‘Exploration Volcano’).   

Very personable and fun, Rachael’s Senior Edit Assistant experience also gives her the advantage of being very quick, able to troubleshoot and is tech savvy.  She’s definitely one to watch.