Rita Kaye


Rita Kaye is an experienced unscripted/reality editor. She has a first-class masters from Kingston University in Film Studies. Her dissertation project ‘Blame it on Warhol!’ was an illustrated script book for a documentary on Andy Warhol’s reality films and his influence on reality TV.

Rita equally enjoys editing documentary-style unscripted, cooking and lifestyle programmes and glossy prime time fixed-rig shows. Rita began her career as a professional agency copywriter and digital content producer, which involved editing and writing. This creative writing background helped her to become a fast and efficient storyteller. She is great at finding the story in the footage and constructing the geography of the scenes due to her extensive knowledge of classical film grammar. She’s also great at researching, selecting music and cutting music-driven programmes.

A professional editor since 2014 Rita brings both experience and a fresh perspective to your edits. She has a strong artistic vision rooted in realism, isn’t afraid to offer creative solutions when asked, or to pick up formats and adapt them to the style of the director/producer. She is ambitious and driven, a success-oriented National Film Award winning TV Artist with a sharp eye for detail, committed to delivering programmes at the absolute highest visual and technical standards. Rita enjoys working independently and being involved in developing new formats. Her next five year plan includes developing her own Factual formats.

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