Rohan Thomas


Rohan is a creative and versatile editor known for his expertise in specialist factual, arts, documentary, and current affairs programming. With a background in sound and music, he skillfully incorporates these elements into his work, which has been featured on all UK terrestrial channels, as well as Al Jazeera, NatGeo, Netflix, and Vice.

Excelling at crafting sensitive human interest and current affairs stories, his recent achievements include; Rise Up: The Anti-Apartheid Movement, a 60-minute documentary with ITN for Vice Media in 2021, the award-winning The Labour Files – The Hierarchy for Al Jazeera, which won the Gold prize in Current Affairs at the New York Festivals TV & Film Awards in 2023. In the same year, Rohan also contributed to the multi-award-winning documentary Dispatches – Russell Brand: In Plain Sight.

Rohan values the collaborative nature of filmmaking, believing that the collective brilliance of all involved contributes to the final product. His background in visual arts and music production has led to successful collaborations on films such as Life Cinematic: Sam Mendes and Stewart Copeland’s Adventures in Music for BBC Four.

His latest personal project is the film Immersive, a collaboration with oceanographer Thibaut Barreyre. The film explores hydrothermal vents and the unique ecosystems they support through chemosynthesis, highlighting the imminent threat posed by deep-sea mining. Rohan served as Director, Cinematographer, and Editor on this hybrid scientific animation-documentary created by two friends with an enduring curiosity and love of the ocean and their shared drive to reveal its mysterious beauty.

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