Cici Tang

Cici has been a friend of Blueberry’s since our humble beginnings in a tiny office at Ealing Studios, where she spent endless hours drinking mint tea with Irantzu and being a sounding board. Her encouragement and friendship are part of Blueberry’s foundations. Cici became an accounts coordinator at Blueberry in 2010. She is responsible for collections and finance management, which she executes with incredible diplomacy and impact. She is mindful of relationships and knows how to ensure cash flows smoothly in and out for all.

Before Blueberry, Cici spent 14 years as a PA at Diva Pictures in Ealing Studios. She run the office and managed bookings, equipment, people and accounts. She also dabbled in camera work and editing, an experience which serves well in her role at Blueberry.

The most organised and humble person we have ever met, Cici is brilliant!