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After effects C4D Editor

Ibrahim Ahmed

Creative Director, Motion Graphic Designer,

Ibrahim is a 2D and 3D Motion Graphics Designer specialising in content for internal corporate films, on-air branding and online digital signage, who has designed elements for various promos, indents and international broadcast.

After graduating with a BA Honours in Moving Image Design from Ravensbourne in 2005, he signed with Blueberry in the same year and has worked with us ever since. However, for a couple of years he headed the Graphic Design Department at Envy where he developed his skills across a variety of high end brand films and television projects.

With over 10 years of experience, he has worked for companies such as JWT, Burberry, Across the Pond, House of Greenland and New Moon, on projects for Google, Dove, Walls, Instagram, Nike and more. His strong compositing and animation skills have made him an ideal person to oversee complex creative briefs and he has become a very capable Creative Director.

Extremely professional, reliable, pro-active and an effective communicator, in 2012 Ibrahim won the IVCA corporate film award for visual effects for his ‘Saudi Aramco’ project with Wilder films. He is popular with clients and gets busy quickly plus his specific knowledge of Arabic and Middle Eastern typefaces has also proven helpful on several projects.

Recent clients include Channel 4, Mercedes, John Lewis, L’Oreal, NSPCC, Samsung, BBC, Fox, MTV, Yell, Barclaycard, Madame Tussauds, Natwest, Discovery, Sky Sports.

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