Joao Nunes


Joao is an award-winning documentary editor, with an impressive array of credits including; ‘Dispatches’, ‘Horizon’, ‘Panorama’, and the groundbreaking ‘Reporting Iran: Inside BBC Persian’ and ‘Young, Black and Tory’.

Joao’s strengths as an editor shine through in his adept handling of complex narratives, including stories of drug abuse, sexual exploitation, and undercover investigations. His collaborative approach ensures the authentic portrayal of subjects and their stories. This has been recognised in three Emmy-nominated current affairs documentaries: ‘The Baby Stealers’ (2021), ‘Sex for Grades (2020)’, and ‘Congo Sweet Sweet Coedine’ (2019). In addition, ‘Congo Lucha’, a gripping 80-minute film set in the tumultuous landscape of DR Congo, won the Albert Londres Prize for Best Documentary in 2019 (France’s highest journalism award) and also won Best Documentary at the Geneva Film Festival.

Joao’s collaborative spirit is evident in his dedication to articulating and realizing the filmmaker’s vision. He approaches each project with empathy and respect for the subject matter and contributors, ensuring that their stories are portrayed with compassion and authenticity. Driven by a relentless commitment to excellence, Joao’s diligence and passion make him an invaluable asset to any production team.

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