Nazim Kadri-Zade


Nazim is a Ukrainian editor with over a decade of broadcast TV expertise under his belt. Having crafted more than 400 hours of diverse content, ranging from gripping documentaries to engaging dramas and entertaining shows, Nazim is a seasoned storyteller.

In 2022, Nazim relocated to London, where he has been expanding his network within the UK market. His editing skills have caught attention and led to collaborations on notable films; the BBC2 documentary ‘Zelensky’ with 72 Films, and the festival-bound documentary ‘Meeting Zelensky’ with Spring Films.

However, Nazim’s portfolio isn’t confined to political narratives. He’s committed to the art of editing and eagerly embraces projects spanning documentary, drama, and factual genres. His dedication and talent have earned him glowing references from producers and directors, who repeatedly entrust him with their visions.

Nazim thrives on challenges, demonstrating adaptability, diligence, and a relentless work ethic. Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Turkish, he is able to navigate cultural and linguistic landscapes. Whether it’s crafting compelling narratives or tackling complex edits, Nazim is a versatile editor poised to leave a lasting impact on every project he undertakes.

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