The team were really happy with Rohan! He was great, quick and talented – they were very impressed, so thank you very much for booking him for us.

Sarah Forster, Production Manager, Blakeway TV

Liron's work has been fantastic. She's been really fast and is a pleasure to work with.

Max Barry, Digital Project Manager, Havas Worldwide

Kimaathi is great, always friendly and we’re loving his work.

Danelle Roux, Head of Production, Raw TV

Spencer was great. We really enjoyed working with him. Diligent, had some good thoughts and really helped get the edit in shape quickly. Hopefully we can get him back soon.

Simon Kearney, Head of Production, Gravity Road

The edit went really well and Julie was great - she helped us achieve a great deal over the past couple of weeks and the rough edit that we now have is giving us a clear sense of what we still need to achieve filming wise. Would happily use her again and recommend her to others.

Deborah Elliott, Production Manager, Artlab Films

Alex was great, I loved him. He has such an infectious laugh! We’re sorry to see him go.

Hannah Lewis, Production Manager, Atlantic Productions

Windfall = Good People

Kimaathi Spence, Editor

Rachel was great, had a lot to do and cracked on with it. Look forward to working with her again soon.

Russell Owen, Creative Director, Bespoke Banter

Yes it's been really good here at Bespoke and they seem happy with what I have done for them so hopefully this won't be the only booking!! :-)

Rachel Begley-Renner, Editor

Karl was great, nice chap and did a grand job.

Kyle Belcher, Producer, Loki

Thanks so much for checking in. Philip is doing really well, he totally gets it and is moving through things very efficiently. Great attitude as well.

Diana Henry, Senior Producer, M Integrated

Jonny was absolutely fantastic - really hard working, fast, self-starting and a good eye for narrative. We will definitely be using him again! Please add him to our list of favourites...

Lora Galantini, Producer / Director, Quite Frankly Productions

We love Neil! He's really easy to work with, inputs good creative suggestions and works very fast. We love all the work he has produced so far and are keen to get him back on upcoming animation projects. He’s genuinely one of the easiest and most talented people we’ve worked with. It’s really refreshing to be able to put somebody on a project with total confidence they’ll deliver exactly what was inside your head. I’ll stop there - otherwise he might not be able to fit through the door on Friday!

Faye White, Art Director & Fleur Decam, Production Manager, Plastic Pictures

Spencer was excellent. We really enjoyed working with him and he's a lovely chap. We gave him a tricky project to work on and really hope we can have him in again on some new creative, he smashed it and was a pleasure working with him.

Mike Facey, Producer, Pretzel Films

Since joining in May 2010 I've had the opportunity to work on some of the biggest TV shows in the country and world, from Saturday Night Takeaway to Deadliest Catch in my first full year out of University. I know I've not been the easiest with my times of constant questions and worries about upcoming work and not being able to go without working. But you've somehow coped. All the way back to the first day I turned up as a bright eyed boy with no clue of how the industry worked, you've all helped and allowed me to progress and see how it all does go down. At 29 I feel very very privileged to be in the position I am, I have been paid greatly to turn up and work on, wether assist or edit on shows, I could only have dreamed of. Who knows what the future holds but I would love to stay in contact and occasionally meet up when time allows your end. 5 years is along time to just say bye. THANK YOU!

Nathan Caws , editor

Maureen, you're simply the best...better than all the rest...

Gary Dalal , editor